Market Research

Your company would potentially be a customer of our virtual product.

Our idea is to propose to independent editors perfect series of movements taken in motion capture, as well as the novelty of excerpts of shows (dances, circus, music etc)

We intend to make both motion capture rehearsals of our international shows and 3D shots of them.

                              1 – Motion capture shots are designed to provide video game companies with files of previously coded moves, all perfect and all different, to ultimately produce the highest quality atmosphere and supporting animations. In addition they are instant to use.

                             2 –  The 3D takes a new service, which would allow to place in games extracts of real shows, music, circus, hip-hop etc.

We have developed a fairly quick questionnaire for gaming companies, in order to best determine both the needs of companies in this area and the price ranges that can be envisaged.

If this project seems interesting to your company, could you take a few minutes to complete it and return it to us? Thank you so much !

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