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Who said that young people do not like orchestral music?
The music that we can call classic.

Old people.

That is wrong. Even young people like orchestral music. But no doubt they do not know it.

Final Fantasy VII – Very Classical music, no ?

So why not bring them to more classical music? Too difficult ?

Fortunately, there are more and more orchestras specialized in video game music!

Composer: Jun Ishikawa
Arranger: Erika Fukasawa
Orchestra: Symphonic Gamers Orchestra

Gamers are in the room… yes they are.

Games in Concert – 2007

Please, look in this video the age of the spectators! We do not expect them there.

But it is called:

Game in concert. Thus they all came and all loved!

Do not use the presence of these musicians, these orchestras, composers to weave links between the public and the music, it’s just missing all opportunities!

The games cover all styles, so everything is open! That’s Mario :

L’orchestre de Jeux video

And there would be Cuphead, and ,Skyrim, and and I will fill all the net with the music of the games!

a big band recording session for Cuphead.
Music composed by Kristofer Maddigan. Produced and Edited by Peter Strauss.

Who thinks this orchestra would not fill the room?

All players know where to find games soundtracks.
These musics have a real value. But it is still not sufficiently recognized or broadcast enough out of games.

On the other hand, it has a real public and great musicians to defend it!

Berlin Game Scene

Let’s add a concert scene. It will be full.

The game that drove me crazy: Patapon

Very recently, festival-goers from E3 and the happy Parisians were able to attend a new concert experience, in a real room, with an immersion in the world of Assassin’s Creed : it was the Assassin’s Creed Symphony Performance.

All shows it: the two worlds are getting closer.

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