Journey to the Center of the Earth

The most beautiful adaptation of the novel we have seen!
Directed by the dance company Roseland Musical from Barcelona, this show is a delight from one end to the other.

They have achieved the feat of perfectly using all the high-tech techniques: you will see incrustations of images, you will see what we can not see, special effects without a green background, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex who goes on stage and terrifies children !

It’s dance.
How to make understand a novel so complex with dance?

With the decorations.
And new technologies.

And we see images, plans, music notes.
The dancers move in the middle of all this as if it were natural : the show becomes incredible.

Spanish companies have performed extraordinary feats.
They all know how to play with what technique has brought us.

So, yes, I always repeat the same thing, it’s time to stop opposing the high-tech world and the entertainment world.

And when you go to Barcelona …


and you will pass on the Ramblas – you will necessarily pass on the Ramblas !

Roseland Musical – Barcelona

…look up: you’ll see the company Roseland …
Take some water at the fountain, and come back to Barcelona.

It is an enchantment against which your rationality can not do anything.

And, in the meantime, you can visit this extraordinary company on their website:

Roseland Musical. com

Barcelona – Sant Creu/Sant Pau Hospital

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