Rammstein and us

Rammstein is a very famous German band.
The lyrics are usually in German

It’s metal. Hard rock – music, that tells our world.


Nothing to do in Altair?
Yes, of course !

Because Altair loves Rammstein
To listen to their real show with our 5 senses in a room is magnificent

Rammstein – Live – Madison Square Garden 2010

Rammstein is one of those bands that is not limited to music.
They work their videos like movie art works.

And that they will surely be incredible when they have seized 3D & digital tools that will allow them to go beyond the 2D plan of the current videos.

Altair Twin proposes to produce them in 3D. And it will be huge!

And then we will fall for ….Bauhaus

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Live

Don’t tell me: nothing to do with games.

This is not the same atmosphere as in Cyberpunk? Or Watch Dogs Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion – Ubisoft – 2019

Obviously it has a relationship!

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