St Barbara’s Day

Patron saint of fireworks… and yes

So how can we miss this opportunity to celebrate the Fireworks Festival with dignity?
“A la Sainte Barbe, vive la bombarde” is a French proverb that has never been forgotten. We celebrate fire, fireworks, firefighters

So we’ll celebrate them too.
In the amphitheatre, we’ll have a fireworks competition

In the gardens, we will remain amazed by admiring what the light drones can do

In the room, we’ll have a Spanish air with the Fire Dance….

And since we come from a traditional country

We will not forget that the St Barbe was, in the boats, the place where the powder was stored
And that blowing up the St Barbe was like destroying the ship

Naval Action

So inevitably… we will have shows related to the sea and the great battles of pirates, buccaneers and privateers

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Featured Image : Feux de la Falla 2012 – Montréal

11 Thoughts

  1. Much ado about St Barbara’s Day coming from a Barbera also sometimes Barbara or Barber and as an
    insult when they did call a lady of ill repute, “The Barber’s Wife!”

    And yes, my father was a barber and my daughter, Julie, married a German Barrera!

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