Machines of the Island

Now, this is a crush that will never stop.

The people who have started this business are crazy as we love them.

It’s a company: La Machine.

It is located on an island: it is commonly referred to as the island’s machines

In a city: Nantes

Their challenge: to make incredible automatons in real life, larger than life.
They are engineers, technicians, do-it-yourselfers and very great artists.
They have obtained the support of the town hall of Nantes.
We have to go to Nantes……

And so, if you go to Nantes, don’t forget to stop by Ile des Machines.
You will see the Elephant. Yes, I fell in love with the elephant. You can ride in it.

The very famous ElephantMachines de l’ïle

You will see the spider – and yes I was afraid
The dragon

It is an incredible artistic project imagined by Pierre Orefice and François Delarozière .

You can see here, a little, the machines “seen from the inside”

Why am I talking about it?

But because these Machines are not just Machines.
Behind it is a whole team – which I invite you to visit.

And this team puts on shows.
Street shows.

So I say it quite clearly: there will be Machines of the Island for the Great Festivals of Altair.

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11 Thoughts

    1. He’s a “cuistre”! He should have told you about it, invited you to Nantes and seen with you the difference between the Bretons and the Great Bretons, especially as regards the end of the evening! And then show you the real “rue de la soif” (thirsty street), which is in Brest. That would have been a friend.
      Or did he leave Nantes a long time ago? 🙂

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