Merry Christmas

May you and your family have a wonderful holiday

Isn’t family worth so much more than all the gifts in the world ?

We wish you a very Merry Christmas


And a short trip from the Land of Snow where Santa Claus works, to the land of Bethlehem – where you see more cypress trees, donkeys and camels than bears or deer.

And whether you’re a Christian or not, Christmas celebrates the appearance of a baby in a very young family – and that’s what makes this day universal.

Caravaggio Nativity
Alesso Baldovinetti (Florence, église Santissima Annunziata).
Woonbo-kim-ki-chang ( Korea)

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Featured Image : from ici Radio Canada

24 Thoughts

  1. Surely share when I have learned 😊
    For me it will be easy as my native language(Urdu)scripture is the same as Arabic and also it is the language of Holy Qur’an 💕
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm for Arabic calligraphy 😊

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  2. I spent my entire childhood in Algeria, and I learned ‘classical Arabic’ (it’s not the same Arabic as in Algeria). And I remember all those hours spent trying to write well… Reading was fine. Writing… it was so much harder.

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