Happy New Year

After a few days of beautiful holidays and thousands of thanks for your comments, likes and mails (!), we are very, very happy to come back to wish you the most beautiful year ever!

Happy New Year to all of you

May 2020 be the year of Fantasy, Joy and Creativity!

May it bring you what you lack

May the year keep you the ones you love !

And to start the year a little bit, before we really get back to work,

…I’d like to suggest a little detour to the Harbin’s Ice Festival in China.

It’s not live entertainment – that’s right.

But how beautiful!

In short: a little more winter magic for you, for a beautiful new year.

All the works presented come from the Harbin Festivals.

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23 Thoughts

  1. Oh, it seems to work now. Well, again: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Wishing you all the best, personally and for your amazing project. 2020 will be a powerful year, so let’s begin with the work and enjoy the fruits later. 🙂

    You have presented us a frozen beauty in this post. So magical. Thank you.

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  2. We do have a lot of ice and snow usually, except this year there is not much snow. But we don’t usually get so elaborate with sculptures here, too cold. In southern parts of the country they do have large ice and snow sculptures including hotels and stores made only from ice. I can’t imagine staying it an ice hotel though, too cold for me!😂😹🙄

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