Virtuality & Reality

Good morning to all
Being confined like everyone else, we’re back on the internet…
And like all show business professionals… we don’t want to know what happens next.

Basically, even if our idea at the beginning was to seduce a young and connected audience, here it comes back by the health crisis side.
I hope there’s only one like it.

But imagine, if we had been ready?
The real halls, closed, yes
But the virtual rooms would still be open.

Artists, technicians, not confined to their homes without work, but confined to their homes, with them on the net.

Virtuality, as you can see, does not replace real contact at all.
And when you don’t have it anymore, the only thing you look for is to re-create it, this contact.

In the teachings of this world crisis, there is this: in fact, there is no opposition or war between reality and virtuality. Virtuality shows one thing: it creates a link between us, and that is what we all need.

As a result, we are even more motivated to bring this Altair theatre to life, to be both real and virtual.

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Featured Image : Lego Ship in a Bottle, by Julia Morley.

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