5G, Theatre & Nature

Ecology and Technology

If 5G can allow Nature to breathe and be as beautiful as we see now…
If our small theatre can participate, on its very small scale, in making the Himalayas visible, in making the sea abundant in fish and cetaceans, in dissipating the fogs of our cities,

“Never seen Dhauladar range from my home rooftop in Jalandhar..never could imagine that’s possible..clear indication of the impact the pollution has done by us to Mother Earth .. this is the view @harbhajan_singh ” India

So I’m still 100 times more for 5G and new technologies than I was before.

If this terrible crisis can lead us to reconsider our way of life, I’m all for it.

Japan – Twitter @okadennis

If for Altair we have to abandon the “nice” modern materials like glass and steel, which are energy chasms, then yes, let’s abandon glass and steel.

And yes, let’s not forget that a theatre devours an unusual energy, because of its lights – and let’s think about a theatre that will be able to use the energy of the sun and the wind.

The choice of Dubai is -again- not innocent.
I know that those who don’t know this city have the wrong idea.
But I also know that this is a major theme in Dubai and that if there is one place in the world where people are willing to invest in new energies, it is there.

Credits : Twitter, @saraneeryan; Facebook @ Becca Cook; Twitter @FranceInfo; Twitter @dgrieshnak

There, that was my word of the day.

Let’s use our science to do some good for nature and our minds.
We’ll all be happier for it, I think.

Featured Image : by MAAN SIALKOTI – Himalaya

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