Sex, Drugs, and

Creative Staff RECRUITMENT

Rock’n roll.

Eric Clapton – Cocaine



I love Kusturica – but I don’t agree with “no sex no drugs no rock’n roll”: that was for people like you and me. Not for artists. Not for the “creative” people – who are people paid by companies.

No. Sex, drugs and :

Nothing. A big void. Nothingness. The black hole – absolute zero.

You’re lucky, in my list of English words to learn, there’s no swearing and insults. So I can’t put in exactly what comes to my mind when I start with: “Sex, Drugs and…”

This post is particularly of a professional nature – since I want to clarify the recruitment of Altair’s creative staff – and especially Altair Twin.

In my professional world – the entertainment world – which I started to frequent at the age of 18, “sex and drugs” are a kind of obligatory passage to prove that you are “in”, that you are “cool” and that you are “creative”.

Needless to say that it’s not true, Ubisoft is being fooled by having “creative” executives with coco-filled noses and then thinking they’re sex symbols, both men and women. I’m not causing you any scandals in the movies – it’s starting to get out.

Anyway, anyway. Still, a creative “must” use drugs.
All right, well…
I don’t care. It’s not my problem.

I do care about Altair, though. You’ll have to be able to convince me that a guy/girl who takes a double “shot” every day – one under the belly, one under the nose – is really creative.

Because afterwards, me, who’s a bit of an idiot, it’s true, and above all very “real world”, I look at what they’ve done that’s great and creative, these creative people.

I see the Netflix poster lists. A maximum of four different copies, in infinite variations. Zero.
I see the Games poster lists from the Xbox Store. Four – come on, six – different copies, infinite variations. Suck.
I see the design of the I phones. Are you guys serious? You think we forgot the first one’s face? I’m sorry, sorry, it varies… infinitely.

Then I can look inside. Some variations on the same scenarios.
Games where we fight, where we walk, where we work. Where it’s so uncreative that you’re thrilled with 15 hours when something else finally happens.
Not much new in music.
Licences that eat up all the credits – then you’re sure to rot in the old one.
And there you go.
The cool liberated creatives did this: nothing.

They even managed to create the black hole: everything disappears inside.

But if we go into more detail… it seems that the “sex drugs cocktail” only happens in places where there’s already a lot of money.

Video games, in the beginning, it’s guys who don’t have any money, who are crazy about programming and gaming and who completely let themselves go. That’s not old.
All the old guys at Ubisoft started out as young, penniless, creative kids. They didn’t have enough money to play the “yes, I’m creative you understand… ” And they were just being creative.
What saves the video game industry is not the eternal creative people of white-nosed operettas, but the “indies games” – with people who are passionate and not yet stressed enough to need “double shots”.

What saves the film industry… well… it’s bad, isn’t it? Fortunately, it’s going well, we make series – and … incredible – some unknown people from “other” countries bring you great series, how did they think of La Casa de Papel ?

So there you go, I don’t believe in the creativity that comes from drugs and unbridled sexuality. What we see is that they’re always doing the same thing, boring their audience to death.

Even if it all comes directly from Charles Baudelaire, and his Artificial Paradises – yes, but Baudelaire had talent and nerves. And he wasn’t an employee of a company.

So as Altair Twin will be a company and it’s going to need creative people – we’ll have to talk about that when we start recruiting.
I want real creatives. We’re going to need people with real imagination and who won’t think they’re geniuses when they’ve gone to the pot.

For the Motion capture part, we’ll need directors who can take the 5 to 10 minutes in each show that will go over well in the virtual world.
Able to choose and able to surprise the audience: so don’t always choose the same thing.

For the Virtual Reality part, we will need talented directors and editors. They will have to invent this new way of watching a show – they will find the angles, they will manage the rhythm, they will manage the stress of the spectator, his emotions, his interactions with other spectators in VR with him. It’s top of the range professional work – and waiting for creativity.

So from my point of view, people who are so unsure of their creativity that they are forced to bottle every drug on the market, that’s a no.
Nothing to do, I don’t trust them.

There are lots of really creative young people all over the world – who are not afraid of them, who have lots of ideas, and an enthusiasm that’s 100,000 times greater than all the coco in the world.
I’d rather recruit after school, in independent companies, than pamper morons who have tattooed the word creative on their left hand so that they don’t forget that they’re supposed to be creative.

As for sexuality… …then yes, it goes with the drugs. But not that.
It’s true: I’m a girl. I got into this business when I was 18. My first boss explained to me, after a fortnight, that he collected his employees’ bras. I’ve made a lot of bosses. I gave up my career.

But I’ve had time to see that it’s an environment in which you have to endure other people’s sexuality. And it’s unbearable. Do what you want with it, in private.
In a company – no.
In a company, there are humans. And I don’t care about their sexual orientation, their religion or not, their origin, their gender – all that doesn’t matter in the face of this immensity that is: you are a human being.
And that’s it. And that’s huge.

So sexuality is very cool – at home with whoever you want. But not at work. Not with colleagues.

I’ve got a little bit of an “old fucker” in me, don’t I?

Yes, I learned that bad word. Still… I love Prince too.

I was shocked and saddened by his death. And the circumstances of his death.
But that’s no longer my subject. And Prince was a great artist.

I want Altair to work.

To make it work, there are a few details – important details – that need to be worked out first.
And people who are so disrespectful to others that they force their sexuality on them… will be, in addition to being aggressors, corporate killers. While they’re killing other corporations.

And those who don’t belong – or who are afraid – or who what? – and who throw themselves at anyone and everything thinking it’s going to “make things better” will also be welcome elsewhere.

Having said that, creativity is a major issue for Altair: it’s what will make this company work. I’m trying to find a way to calm the fear – real and normal – of those who think that maybe one day they won’t be creative anymore.

Afterwards, yes, there are surely people who are more creative with drugs, lots of sex…
It’s true, I have lots of examples.

This song is beautiful – its circumstances contradict almost everything I just said. There is one difference though: the directors recruited for Altair are not supposed to burn their souls in it.

Most of the time, these people who use “double shot” to be creative are harmful to others – to those around them. And so, when setting up a business, we have to talk about it, especially when you’re recruiting creative people – not great artists.

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Featured Image : Real photo of a black hole : © Event Horizon Telescope : 10/04/2019 – Then it’s finally pretty, a black hole. I’m unpleasant today. Creatives who throw everything into a black hole, in the end, it’s not so bad – and it’s ecological, it disappears without leaving an atom.

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  1. The only addiction I recommend or like is : To be drunk in the love of God and the artists who are addicted to this are most creative 💖 And also and of course, a good cup of tea ☕️

    All the best Barbara you are on the right track 🤗

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