Intelak – Dubai


I had talked about it with a bit of … tiredness last week – since Altair was invited to participate in the first moment of Intelak – which is a Hub to develop aviation, travel and tourism in Dubai.

Here is a link for more information.

I had to refuse: we are not able to send two of us, neither now nor at the end of the year, to Dubai.
We are all volunteering in this project, nobody is paid. So we all have professional commitments – and this year is not the year when we can play with time and free ourselves up.
And so, death in the soul, I refused their invitation.

And … I received another email.
I think they really liked Altair.

Because, seriously, that’s three times I’ve been killing my heart to refuse.

So we’ll have virtual interviews… at the same time, it’s very much in the “Twin” spirit of Altair.

I haven’t won anything yet, I know that. But it’s a nice trophy.
So I’m still going to keep believing in it – even though the storm is not over yet.

Have you ever been to a French bank? You bring an Asian investor and no, ma’am, no, Asians, you know… we only work with the ones we know. You bring a Canadian investor? No better: madam… people ready to invest so much money… it’s surely not very honest. On this point… I refrain from commenting. And when I ask what to do? It’s easy, I find everything – even year zero where Altair doesn’t make any money and costs a maximum. Seriously, who do these people think I am ?

So I’m not going to deny myself a glimmer of hope.

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    1. 🙂 Frankly, I’m not worried about Altair. Altair with me is another subject. I know I’m trapped – my country is not the right country to play make something like this up. So… I’m looking for a way out – and I tell myself that, at worst, someone else will do this theatre and it will be very satisfying for me anyway. And for my heart… well, in the end, I don’t care. I’ll see that later 🙂 Merci beaucou beaucoup de prendre autant soin de moi ❤

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