They drive me crazy


Having still not managed to be a gentle, patient, empathetic, caring and understanding girl, I am dragging my bad temper around.

And at the moment I am so ? helped by all that I hear and see : everything I need to feed my natural bad mood is given to me in the news.
After the ban on dancing, we’ve moved on to the ban on going out at all – and that’s not going to do much good for the theatres, since going to the theatre is not an option – and we usually end up well after curfew. It’s been hectic all day: will there or won’t there be the right to go to the theatre and cinema in the evening? It will make us work or die this decision.

We’re supposed to party as a six-person party, with masks, of course. I sense great moments of celebration coming. It’s going to be a joyous one.

Apart from that, as far as we’re concerned here, we find ourselves in tiny rooms with more than thirty people, but since there are masks, and it’s the day, yes ma’am, it’s okay, it’s safe.

So, I still have music to listen to – mine, not the one I present myself as the bet of the day: but yes, you’re going to like classical music too.
Now I’m fed up, I’m sticking to my positions and my music.

So, yes it’s pop music and yes it’s in French, but it goes so well in the general atmosphere:

Soprano – Le Barman

So okay, you end up dancing alone like an idiot – but if you close your eyes, with some imagination, you might think you’re in a bar, dancing with your buddies.

The words are quite simple: do you know the real life of the barman, who from morning to night listens to the misfortunes of his customers? The barman, he is fed up, but fed up…
As I did that in my youth, and as I too, I found myself behind the bar at 5:30 a.m., to open at 6 a.m. and hear, every day, the same things: you look tired, who did you spend the night with? (yes a girl, of course, it’s funny to ask her), and serving little “balloons” of white to all the guys who were leaving for work, and listening, listening, listening… yes I love this song. And every time people get on my nerves about talking and talking nonsense, I pass it around in a loop and I feel better all of a sudden.

Here I am far from Altair, you might say.
This is not false.

At the same time, Altair almost imposes itself in our times of seclusion: a theatre that comes to see you at home, and offers you ‘safe’ fun, you should have thought about it. I hadn’t thought of Altair for that, but in fact, it’s quite ideal conditions for it.

While waiting for the flight of this splendid and beautiful eagle, charged to bring joy, art and the pleasure of living even when we are in our caves, a little music that gives pleasure does not hurt.

– With that, I have just realized, with dismay, that my “‘music” page on Altair is full of only “challenge” music and that if one day I come across a program like this in music, I will run away.
So lesson: don’t give it all away like that, in one big, indigestible block.
A challenge once in a while is good.
Only challenges are too much

So in the future I’m going to put more accessible music – for dancing too – and less “challenges”: but yes, you’ll love it.

Honestly, how can you not like to dance to it, in a small bar like we have in France, with a few glasses of rum and a lot of friends?

For when you don’t even realize that you’re dancing, there’s them (yes I know I know, I have a big ‘fan’ side – I saw them in Perpignan: these guys are adorable and they have a crazy energy! ) : Gogol Bordello.

And to reassure us all, it remains to listen Iggy Pop and Goran Bregovic: as the fish knows – everything will be fine.

And I promise, I didn’t share my worst – my French rap just for me, completely borderline – completely stupid and mean but so funny – you have to speak French to like those.

Here, since I am, a little bit, France…. for you who are not from here, a little bit of a nice idea of France.

This last one is for me & all the fans of OST music – no, I don’t point out the size of the concert or the number of spectators, or the enthusiasm of all those crazy people – that’s not my style, those perfidies there.

There I am, I’m better – I’ve accepted the move to the crazy part.

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Featured Image : Soprano – Le Barman

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