Starry Night

First of all, I would like to thank you for your readings and comments.
Really, it makes me so happy – maybe you don’t realize it, so I might as well say it frankly.

Well, after more than 12 hours of agitation in a row, I can’t stand it. Not in English –
English is for me tonight a kind of Chinese Wall and I’m behind it. So, in French : Merci – merci beaucoup, merci tellement.

I will respond to your comments tomorrow – I will be less afraid of my mistakes.
Tomorrow I will read your articles, your shares

Tonight, even if, on my way back, you know, on my very small country roads full of the southern wind, – on the road I wanted to tell you about Piotrouchka – but I have nothing in my head, it is emptier than a bell – I will tell you about him soon.

So just for the pleasure of being there
And because I know that you are there,
I can only share with you a little song of nothing at all, a song to be just stupidly happy to be there.

Isn’t that a little bit sad ? mmm, maybe yes

Well, then, as it’s a great jazz music, and that it is necessary to warm the ears and the hearts, I can only advise you all the musics composed for this game (which is a complete madman’s game. There are very, very, very great composers and very, very great musicians in “entertainment” – and they are not loved enough. The ones who have realized this are trendy: Old Jazz, and it’s too good to hear them play. This warms the heart, I promise you.

So I wish you a beautiful night, full of stars, the beautiful stars in the sky flashing softly to protect our dreams.

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Featured Image : Starry Night -by Vincent Van Gogh

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค thank you Crystal ! There were such beautiful stars at my house last night – when the wind is blowing really strong, and it's cold, the sky is unbelievable. I had to at least share it in my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

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