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The good thing about fever is that you can turn down the heat.
What’s even better is that your head goes out to beat the countryside and you start thinking about anything, it makes no sense, no rationality – and if you can remember it, it makes pretty surreal images.

And what’s absolutely perfect – in any case, in French – it’s that the fever is absolutely associated with the idea of partying – the big, you know, beautiful parties where you dance barefoot all night, and you don’t care about being beautiful, or classy, or smart – no, the music is warm and takes you with it until the moment the day comes up, the stars disappear and you can go home then, sleep dreaming of beauty.

As you may have noticed, I really like parties where the music takes us in waves of dance. – You’ll never see me at those parties where you have to be stuck on high heels, with a polite smile, and where you wonder after 6 minutes what casting error got you into a party that has all the makings of a first class funeral –

In the beautiful region of France where I came to put my suitcases down, there are summer and winter festivals. The summer festivals are held outdoors, and the atmosphere is charged with the powerful smells of umbrella pines and the sea – it’s a pure delight of life.
The winter festivities take place indoors – mainly in the theatre we call El Mediator.

I don’t know if you know them – they came to our place last year : Carbon Killer.

and with “before” and “after”, it was a winter evening that seemed very short and strangely … no one was cold.

El Mediator is our concert hall to dance in – why put seats or bar stools? All we do is bump into them.
There’s not a lot of classical music in this hall. But there are nice parties, all full of music and people dancing and singing.

As a result, we get the two earrings, both hanging, on a summer night and a winter night – & it could be an event a little apart in the life of Altair, with a succession of artists until the moment the sun finally rises.
And so, all those who get sick because they have a fever will be able to believe that the warmth is that of music.

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    1. πŸ˜€ Well ! πŸ˜€ it is true that this is not the news of the century either – and that it is only valid in a tiny part of France. The others are very serious, they have a fever, they take a grog and go to bed. Thank you Atul, I hope that your news are excellent.

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