Love & Dance Songs

by Louise Attaque.

Programming / Music.

Christmas Spirit Challenge – but yes I will succeed.

Okay, I’m going to completely dismay you, because the artists I’m featuring are French, who sing in French – so the lyrics may be obscure to you.

I’ve already talked about them – because I really love them a lot –
But never only from them – because? I don’t know why.

Their name is Louise Attaque – and Louise must be the so cute little girl drawn below :

Louise Attaque – Anomalie

You’ll hear them in absolutely every party in France, from North to South, whether you’re a damned Parisian or a recluse in the depths of his mountain.
The reason?

Undoubtedly the meaning of their songs: if you ever want to understand what it means to love a 21st century French, then take the time to translate their songs.
You’ll find a lot of cheerfulness – not really a lot of love/ you know, the only true one – probably because we find it hard to meet love.

On this excerpt, called LoveS, the sound is a bit rotten – but you can see how everyone has appropriated this song – how everyone has heard it at home, the ritornello of “nobody loves me”, from father to sister, and everybody cries and everybody shouts and nobody finds anything – except the joy of the music: and here we are all here, we, the famous French Lovers.

Amours – lyrics

Love, my father
And I don’t know how
Love, my mother,
And all those feelings
Love, my brother,
And my sister too, of course
Love, would it happen to be some
Child’s play to shout all the time?
Love, going way back
Which spreads, which spreads
Love, with a big L,
It’s long, it’s long, it’s long
Love, my amulet
From around my neck, excellent
Love, would it happen to be some
Child’s play to shout all the time?
Love, the first time,
In love with one’s youngest age
Love, the first page
Read for the last time
Love, this sweet vine
Which slides on the palate, sometimes
The love of piloting,
I think, lands here

So, you could have noticed that this word, love, is nowadays used wrongly – in France -, so we’ve lost its meaning.

Maybe because by dint of chasing after “true” love, we can’t find anything at all.

This one is the almost perfect description of “the French girl” … So, she is Exhausting. Okay, I’m one of the girls in the country, I can’t deny it – even if I tell myself that I’m past my expiration date and that, therefore, I don’t care.

Fatigante – lyrics -translation

She’s white, fresh, in the morning She’s soft, sweet She’s serene She’s great She says “Let’s go to dance tonight” Tonight… at bed in the morning…. She’s despairing She have inspiration Suddenly she says “Goodbye, see you tomorrow” But when she’s dancing, beautiful, forthright, a queen, She’s for me, all for me, an angel dancing around me But She always says “Hello” like that She always says “Goodbye” like that She always says “I want that, that, that !” She’s exhausting ohhh, she’s for me Exhausting Intelligent, negligent Exciting, despairing Attractive, not really galante, Smiling, aggrieved, Reassuring, disparaging, Smiling, annoying, On the good way, a little mean Surprising, threatening, Activist, sometimes charming, Very very lunatic Very important, impressive She is for me Corresponding, conceited Appetizing, interesting, Exhausting… she is for me…… exhausting…. she is for me.

The rest of the portrait of the French woman is LΓ©aShe’s so fucking boring” is the refrain – and the strongest thing is that with this not at all flattering portrait, all the French women loved these musicians.

Well, the only true love songs are very, very violent – Tear my heart out, so that I can’t hurt anymore – tear my heart out, so that I can’t hurt anymore.

You’ll find our dream there, all of us who have a bad reputation on this subject: Come on, I’ll take you to the wind, I’ll take you over the people.

I take you away in the wind
Come on, I take you away in the wind, I take you above the people,
And I would like you to remember that our love is eternal and not artificial
I would like you to come ahead, to be here now and then
And I would like you to remember that our love is eternal and not artificial
I would like you to call me more often, sometimes to take the initiative
And I would like you to remember that our love is eternal and not artificial
I would like you to be the one I hear, come on, I take you above the people,
And I would like you to remember our eternal and artificial fling

Either – I reread myself and wonder if all this is really “Christmas spirit” – maybe not too much.
Without translating the lyrics for you, it worked very well.

So, well, please, let’s forget about these translations, and let’s only keep these musics for the joy they provoke, for these full hours of dance and fraternity they bring with them. And there I have it, my Christmas spirit.

Tomorrow, I invite you to a trip to Japan – and not the Japan of the Samurai, no no – okay, not for a real trip either – wouldn’t everything be rigged in the world of entertainment? Well, it doesn’t matter !

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Featured Image: Louise Attaque les murs de Paris -Louise Attacks the Paris Walls

9 Thoughts

  1. This, Barbara, this….It is you speaking so clearly and precise.
    I could say more but will leave this:
    If this is what the French girl has found when she didn’t find love…
    This is the meaning of it. If anything, you know exactly what “love” is. It is everything. It is what it means to weep over things, it is what it means to care. It is the rest of the world that has not found the “true love”.
    True love is a moment, not a person.
    Our lives are filled with moments.

    Thank you, I “love” these songs you have posted. I “love” this.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ You spoil me πŸ™‚ – it’s interesting your idea of “moment” and not “person”, I had never thought of that. So you do “love” these songs? πŸ˜€ I “love” your quotation marks, you made me laugh ! πŸ˜€ okay, yes, I’m a bit psycho-stiff with words, yes yes I admit, I always give them their full meaning, and words that are used too much, it’s like they’ve become empty.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved Amours lyrics.
    You know mon belle niΓ¨ce, my God is Love and when we love God we get love from everyone πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸ€—

    And amongst French entertainers the one I remember well is Maurice Chevalier and Can-Can dance πŸ’ƒπŸ»

    Liked by 1 person

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