MS. found in a bottle

Programming / to stage.

One day you will find the plans of Altair, floating with the currents in the murky waters of virtuality, well rolled up in their bottle, because their author loved the sea and marine stories …
But no.

Forgive me – as I love stories, I also love to tell stories. And the story of Altair sailing with the currents in this new moving world we are just discovering is so… tempting.

Well, it’s not my subject. I’m up to my neck in piracy. And while I have some video game titles in shambles, I recognize that I have fewer show titles on this subject.
Never mind.
Titles, you just have to go through the cupboards to find some.
I’m sticking to my point of view: Altair doesn’t follow the normal rules – and orders the creation of shows.

And I don’t want to be in the wind, like: do me a good trick on pirates, baby. It’s not that I don’t trust. It’s just that I don’t trust so much. So there will be adaptation commands.
It’s done in the movies, it doesn’t bother anyone – on the contrary.

MS. found in a bottle is a book from your home, written by Edgar Poe – and is understood either as a satire or as a real novel full of the horrors of the sea.

You know – everyone knows – that the world of sailors is soaked with the supernatural. Some words should not be spoken on a pontoon – say them and misfortune will strike your ship.
You may know that many of the theatre technicians are former sailors – they are not afraid to work at heights. And these guys, when you talk about pulleys, cables, shrouds, they understand right away.
So I’m not going to tell you that Poe made fun of sailors and their stories.

I’ll tell you that seeing that story on a stage would be beautiful.

We start in Batavia/Jakarta: here we are in a setting that makes the crowds dream –
We leave – the sea is calm, the winds serene.


And here comes the simoon – the wind and the sand.
This is not a normal simoon – it’s over for the boat, the crossing, the normality. This storm propels what is left of the boat until it hits a huge black galleon. Drowning or getting on board?

Of course we get on board.
Of course we don’t jump into the sea the moment we realize that the crew is composed of ghosts.
We tell ourselves that we will understand – that we will find a solution.
But it’s getting colder and colder.
And the colder it gets, the happier the crew seems.
We have to understand now: alas in the captain’s cabin …

… all that will be left to do is to warn the madmen who would like to board the black galleon in their turn: and there goes my bottle overboard and my whole story.
I… I see the ice of the Poles advancing – of my dreams of the sea, there will be nothing left. They were the pirates, not me … but the ice is closing in, so…

So? we could play Black Flag to recover – or we’ll see the end of the story on the Altair stage – Sailor stories are horrible and fantastic.
I know, I know, it’s not very intellectual.

It’s not a goal for a theatre, it’s not a university a theatre.
And then to dream of the world, when the world loses its rationality, is, in my opinion, to do the work of public health: no, we don’t live in a purely rational world. And fortunately for us there are sailors and artists so that we don’t forget that.

Okay, it’s not only the sailors and the artists. But I love sailors and artists and I never said I was a good faith girl.

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  1. This is a torturous sea! Full of monsters and peril!
    What would happen if we didn’t scurry to the boat? If one were to just jump and swim for shore?
    The sea is welcome on the stage in my opinion, and in any form of art! Such fantastic voyages await!
    Maybe I will tell the tale of being stowed away and worked on a scallop boat in the Atlantic some day…
    FF approves adventures in any craft.


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