Oblivion Gate

Programming / Legendary Short Pieces

Have you played Oblivion?
If you have, you too will have gone through – at first with great trepidation – the different Oblivion Gates” – and once through, you are transported to another universe – where I got lost like the brainless queen I am – and …
And what ???
I am told: pass the door of the oblivion – I pass the door & then I expect to discover a universe way: Time Machine.

And there, big disappointment – only on this point, but nevertheless.

So I kept in the back of my mind the desire to go through the doors of Oblivion and find a Wells-like setting behind it.

That’s the basis.
I have a feeling that you’ll be totally dismayed -again- afterwards.
Remember I want to set up Virtual Reality Experiences?
Remember that the hidden problem of this fabulous and extraordinary and totally awesome idea is time?
I – the sublunary genius – don’t go to a theatre to spend 20 minutes there.
So – so: having seen the hidden problem, it is possible to solve it, by proposing short plays.
This gives a format: Virtual Reality Experience + Short Play – there are some in theatre, in dance, in circus, in puppets, in shows for young audiences.
Until then, I think you are still here.

So far, at least, nothing fancy – there’s enough of that already (you notice I’m acting like I forgot that I really want Virtual Reality rooms to have a real setting, and not be ugly sheds with high-tech equipment inside).

I hesitate, right?
Here is the idea of the day.
It came to me yesterday – because I just thought it was lame that a major entertainment venue wasn’t involved in keeping the memory of great artists like Art Tatum alive.
I went to bed with it in my head – it’s been floating around all day –
First idea: but of course, my good Watson, give these pieces to musicians to play.
Yes, but when do I play my musician who has been dead for decades and who is great and whose work we have all recorded?
Problem : how to play recorded works in a place dedicated to live music ?
Big problem, lady and gentleman.
People, they just have to listen to it at home – let me laugh.
A great venue that doesn’t honor great artists for the dark reason that they are dead, is a rotten place that doesn’t interest me at all.
So I need a solution.

I think this is where I lose you – if I have to lose you.
So here goes: if we use this time to associate with Virtual Reality experiences to go back in Time, wouldn’t that be absolutely too awesome?
That’s okay – I don’t go back to the dinosaurs either
I go back to the 1950s
To the 30’s
To the 20’s at the farthest

I use the walls to create a setting that fits the era
I use the sound engineers to get the sound right
I use everything the world keeps as videos to play almost live concerts
And since I’m French – and in absolute need of going out for a little coffee, a little drink on the terrace, a restaurant – I put this in a French café atmosphere – I’ve never seen a better place to listen to music than a French café.

Frankly – it would be a good time to spend, wouldn’t it?
Okay, nothing live – and in fact – I don’t care about that at all, Virtual Experiences is about the live spectator, not the artists.

All right, I’ll end up inventing the Disneyland of the entertainment world for you. But first of all, in its kind, it is very good Disneyland.
And then … and then to find the Jazz Messengers concerts broadcasted in period decor… I would really love that.
The advantage of ‘not live’ is that the spectator can go out and experience the virtual world without being stuck in time.
Here we go – are you still with me? You’re wonderful !

This would give Altair a succession of small, totally legendary pieces from the music archives, and therefore permanent proposals that totally justify coming for a walk between the walls, and pick and choose between the various possibilities of Altair. And by the way, it allows me a totally outrageous nod to one of my favorite video games, anyway.

Oblivion – Bruma Gate

And it doesn’t look like much, but with this, I’m constantly feeding my famous Oblivion theme, which is very present in video games and a little less in the world of live shows.

In three days I’ll do it for the cinema – no – I’m serious.

But I love cinema – well… I’ll see that.

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Featured Image : from Oblivion – by Bethesda : an Oblivion Gate

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