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Sanch is a word that comes to us straight from the 15th century – from the complete sentence only it remains – but it means: blood.
The Confraternity of the Preciosissima Sanch de Nostre Senyor Jesus Christ (of the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Lord) was founded in 1416, in order to be able to offer a burial worthy of the name, religious, to those condemned to death.

At that time, the friars had set themselves the goal of accompanying the condemned to the end – their strange costume comes from this: it was to prevent them from being lynched by the crowd and to guarantee that their bodies would be respected afterwards.

Of course, they were Catholic friars. They had not wanted to forget how Christ had been treated, offered to the wrath of the crowd like all the condemned.
So, once a year, on Good Friday, they began to carry out the Procession, so that the faithful would remember.

Have you seen that I use exactly the same techniques as the kids? looking for your limits – so I force – what a shame, until now I thought I was a mature adult…

So I know you won’t mind.

I’m coming, don’t worry – I’ll take precautions beforehand.

Then, every Good Friday, in Perpignan, the Procession of the Sanch takes place, which stages the 14 stations of the Calvary of Jesus Christ. This procession is very Spanish in its inspiration – it’s absolutely terrifying – it’s an absolutely terrifying spectacle – that’s the point I think.
But what a show! So – even though it’s very Catholic and I don’t like to touch religions too much, I can’t – I promise you – I can’t help but share this with you – & it will allow you to see a bit of the city where I work. I’ve never met as many boys with the name Jesus as I have since I’ve been living here – it’s a little confusing.

The Sanch Procession

From this terrifying procession to the sacred music, I had only a short hop to make.

I’m going to start by lightening the atmosphere with those great comic book authors, Goscinny and Uderzo, who succeeded in making these Holy Days seem less dramatic to foreigners with a few draws in Asterix in Spain – “the city is jubilant” to accompany this image, it’s a brilliant find :

And now that the terror effect has worn off a bit, I can think about Altair, Holy Week and the shows.

Who comes to my mind, necessarily, when I start thinking about Holy Week? Mary – of course – Mary who is present at everything and who had to suffer so much –
and of Mary at the Stabat Mater… to pay homage to her and to all the mothers who suffer from the evil done to their child

And this is how I get from the Procession of Perpignan to the Stabat Mater of Pergolesi –
I can’t show the Procession of the Sanch in Altair.
But the Stabat Mater, of course – art has to have a sacred part, since it addresses our souls, our hearts. I don’t think I’m proselytizing? That’s not the point.

I don’t know if I’m so proud of myself –
Actually yes, I am downright proud of myself – but I wonder if I am right.

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Featured Image : Notre-Dame de Paris – west rose window

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    1. This is Perpignan, we are in the very south of France, Barcelona is our nearby “big city” – we are more in Spain than in France here – yes, this show is super impressive – at Easter, I had to mention it. 🙂

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