An Epic Life

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Yesterday, I was surprised – frankly surprised – by the incredible poverty of the so-called scientific arguments against 5G. All this written by scientists, big heads? But big heads full of what? What is the problem that leads them to write, seriously, such poor articles? They take people for morons – that’s true, but it can’t be enough. They are people of good faith.
Seriously, the main problem of all their arguments is that they remain in concepts, in monumental figures brandished to scare people and that they never – but never – take an interest in the real, concrete level.

As a result, I began to think that this state of mind was also that of most shows – especially contemporary theatre shows.
They are brandishing concepts.
They schematize the life of others.
And we, we listen to them and we could go hang ourselves, you and I – well, you, I don’t know, but I certainly do, so dull and pitiful is my life compared to these concepts.
A normal human life? Being born, working, dying. And that’s it.
And the epic?
Pffff, nothing at all, epic is for others, it’s for heroes, it’s absolutely not for those who get up too early in the morning and come home too late at night.

What do we do against that ?
We say: ah, oh, well, but, you see, all right, yes okay – my life is pitiful. It’s totally lousy – and I wonder if I’m not totally lousy – and I say to myself: yes yes, I’m lousy. But I have an inner thing, right? No ? I can “be myself”? no ? what : what does that mean?
Yes, if we start from the principle: birth / work / death, we are not likely to find much enthusiasm in our life.

But if /when we take the time to get closer to our lives, our real lives, the song changes happily -for us.
No one’s life is smooth and built in a straight line to the grave.
At least, I don’t know anyone who has had that kind of life.

In each one, there are accidents, decisions, choices – to be made without a manual, no one really tells you how to make your choices – that’s afterwards, when your choices are considered bad.

So every life can be a showcase – because there are often epic moments in our lives.

No – here I have to be more specific.
Depending on how I live my life, depending on how I tell it to you, I can get quite “different” lives. I can tell you my life and make you feel so sorry. I can tell you my life and make you laugh. I can tell you and get your silence, because you will respect me for doing that. I can tell you about the big epic moments. I can tell you the big, shameful, crummy moments.
I choose how I tell my life story – how I tell you and how I tell myself.

That said, it turns out that in all human lives, there is infinite material for storytelling.
As I – Barbara – have a weakness for the epic, I will tend to tell and live my life in epic mode – or comic mode, which are my two favorite registers.

Then, we just have to talk about our lives and put them on a stage. Just … okay… not “just”. But wait :
Aren’t you fighting to save the world? Then seriously, neither am I. And the day you see me doing that, please remind me that it’s silly.
You’re not fighting the villain of the century? So what?

Is this really the basis of the epic register? A story that others will want to hear? I say no – these are ways to tell epic stories, but not the only ways.

Do you want an example?
I have one, fresh off the press – and it’s going to last for me for a few more days.
It’s not epic, perhaps, my life, when at 7:40 in the morning, on my country road, I lose my gearbox? That I manage to shift into 3rd gear in a hurry and that I do the rest of my journey like a video game – knowing that I can’t brake, can’t stop, can’t change gear and that I have to be at work at 8 o’clock? and that, ah yes, anticipating the trajectories of others, leaving room to slide, not forgetting that without a gear engaged, the car behaves like a surfboard, it slides and doesn’t steer at all like it usually does, isn’t that epic?

And to take it back around noon, to try a cheap repair – and to hear: “Ooooh, madam ! you’ve broken down ?”, while my hands are full of black grease? – Me ? Me broken down ? No. Need help ? What for ?
Thinking : it will pass – and a few hours later coming back home – doing the same trip with lots of cars, kids everywhere, staying in 3rd gear, not losing the objective, stay in 3rd gear, it will be ok, only 45 minutes to fail at the garage, it will be … okay. Not wonderful – okay.
Repair ? – well yes sir, tomorrow morning I have to work and I work far away – yes yes it will be repaired soon – but there, hop, no panic, it will be fine.

Or when, on a snowy night, in our mountains called Vosges, the windshield wipers stop? Or when, by a big -16° C, with the frost inside the car, the heating collapses – and the ice invades the passenger compartment – isn’t that epic ?
Of course it is.

I’m not launching a subscription to save my car – but what I am saying is that to find the epic in our real lives, we need only look down on our everyday lives, which are neither calm, nor smooth, nor quiet.

Why do all movies and shows look the same? Because they are thought of from far – too far away. They are too far from us.
We need authors who show us our lives – that’s the basis of artistic representations: our lives, our heroisms, our distresses, our hopes, our despairs, our little not-so-great arrangements with ourselves, our little sometimes-great arrangements with the others.
There is material for stories – my cars are only an example, a peripatetic if you prefer – but there is material for stories.
How come we never see these stories?

The moment the authors will come down from their Olympian seats, we will have stories and shows that will finally become original again. That’s missing right now.

In fact – what annoys me – is that the basic principle, to which all the stories presented must conform, is so restrictive.
It leads the authors to always, always navigate the same type of story – and the audience to get more and more tired.

This misunderstanding of what makes a story, a story that interests others, leads to impoverished productions.
So: let’s change the rules here too.
Let’s ask writers to fish their stories out of their lives – out of the lives of their friends – out of real lives. And we will get stories in all registers: the pitiful, the pathetic, the realistic -I hate it, the epic, the heroic, the comic, the burlesque – the sentimental, the lyrical – everything is already in our lives.

And then the audience will stop feeling like they have lousy lives compared to those of the characters they are watching.

hmmm….. do you think I’m just throwing this out there, like it’s easy?
It’s not easy at all – changing habits is very difficult.
But opening up creative horizons is part of the desire that makes me dream of Altair for those who do it.

And then be careful – I’m not saying don’t tell stories – of course we need stories – with a beginning, a steady build-up and a really great ending that blows us away, which real lives don’t. I’m saying build fake stories out of more adventures from real life – fix them to make stories.

There you go, once again I say what I say, yes yes yes. And I literally love my car stories – pardon, pardon !

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