This strange news

I’m quite interested in film industry news as a tourist.
As a tourist who has other things to do.
So for me to have my ear drawn to this news, it is – at least – that it is bizarre and curiously repeated.

The last news that drew me in was the MGM buyout by Amazon. And reading the article, so a totally French article, an article that takes you for a moron from the beginning to the end, that explains us that Amazon bought MGM only to be able to feed its streaming site.
And that – I’ve heard stuff like that before.

Okay, so it’s a site war.
Who will blow up Netflix is the primary issue.
Behind it is the certainty that the cinema, the one we have known, is in an advanced state of death.
The solution of rejuvenation would therefore be the streaming.

Now the cinema is joining the theatre in the living dead crowd that must be saved – we are less alone, all of a sudden.

Stupid joke aside, I sure hope this news isn’t complete – and especially that the journalists’ conclusions are wrong.

I have nothing against streaming – but to imagine that it means the death of theaters – and more or less of cinema thought for the big screen – I have the impression that it is a mistake of reasoning.

That we have to think about theaters differently – yes, no doubt. We – they have …

But if there is a lesson to be learned from this year of global pandemic, where staying at home, streaming, working on video, wearing masks, staying away from others have become almost absolute rules of life, it is that most people are getting sick with depression.
In our country, there has been an explosion – and this is nothing to say – of sales of all the anti-depressants that exist.

The only common dream we all have is to see each other again. To stand in line at the movies again. To feel the atmosphere of a theater and everyone reacting at the same time. To have your feelings and sensations amplified, or even directed, by what is happening in the theater.
You can always try the experience in your bed on Netflix, but it won’t work as well.

I have the impression of seeing people who are systematically late.
Thinking about streaming – it was great – especially before the pandemic.
To jump on it because we could have made so much money – and we will make money the next one, I don’t know, it’s: time delay.

I too sometimes like to watch movies from my bed – being a girl, I always fall asleep long before the end. It makes me feel like a lullaby, it’s totally stupid. Off-topic.

We designed Altair to exist on both sides – I maintain even more now that both sides, the real and the virtual, will be essential for theaters in the future.
And above all, don’t forget that people, what they also like – above all – is to see other people, to live experiences with other people.

So if I were to dream about the movie theaters of the future, I would be interested in increasing the real-life experience. Giving more. Giving what you can’t find at home.
I’m interested in virtual experiences because I know that they are partially transferable to the home – that part is a hook. But that they are only really fully realizable on a site that has the equipment that allows it and with other people.

Obviously, these are just remarks from a girl who is nothing at all and the big captains of industry have jumped on board with something that already exists. They’ll make money, I don’t doubt it for a second.
It will be boring as hell, I don’t doubt that for a second either.

And then… they’re always with their nice audience, those guys. They’re going to go and fight those pesky kids who get to see the movies without paying anything at all. They’re great, these kids, these naughty geeks. They are my favorite audience. I don’t want to fight against them, on the contrary. I just want to make them want to come and experience in real life what they can’t download, because it can’t be downloaded.

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  1. Now the cinema is joining the theatre in the living dead crowd that must be saved – we are less alone, all of a sudden….. This is what is called seeing the positive in any situation 😅

    I had visited Universal Studios in my very first visit abroad- 1983! The world has changed completely since then.

    All the best mon belle nièce 💖🤗

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