A so tiny & so magical miracle

This has nothing to do, but nothing at all, with Led Zepplin or Altair – but never mind.

Today, while everything was going splendidly wrong, a small miracle fell on me and I am still amazed.

Today for the 3rd time in… too short time, my splendid little car started to give up the ghost on the road.

It was quite disturbing – I’m getting to know all the dirty noises of a car – but this one I didn’t know. A loud thunder, but not when it’s the exhaust going – all alone – to the neighbor’s house, no, no, another noise – and it started to vibrate as if a jackhammer had gone into action right inside the engine.
Well – here I was again, in disarray, waiting to be stranded at my favorite garage.
I managed to run aground. A real whale in distress.

Just as I was about to park, there was a final burst of agony and the steering wheel locked up. I don’t care, I’ve arrived, I stop everything and … I’m preparing myself for more trouble.

The mechanic takes the keys from me – he tries…. the car cries – he goes: ah – this “ah” there to finish to despair me.
And I wait.
I see my splendid old horse riding – the wheels hanging.
And I wait.
It made a thunderous noise.
In front of me, at the reception, ladies in line, who were paying 345 euros, 876, two others for astronomical sums, so : in three times please? – How ?! so expensive ? – and I was thinking that I was going to walk back this time. Either too expensive for me or too expensive for her – her : my car, my sweet old lady -, you’ll have to change ma’am.

I didn’t even try to resist the nightmare.

I waited for more than an hour.
I had my own car, yes, a little old yes it’s true, in visual.
For an hour, the mechanic worked on it.
And the fancy ladies came out looking like crushed dogs.

The poor ladies, I felt sorry for them – you know this kind of lady, the one who always makes sure she looks good, with everything nice and correct, perfect make-up – and then, bam, the slap, the car that starts to cost the eyes of the head and the tears with. It was like all the makeup fell apart with them, really it was painful. I didn’t feel too bad for them though, I was getting ready to feel even worse for myself, that’s true.

I thought about my famous plan to marry a garage owner – I thought about it very seriously. It’s not moral, but when is my bank account moral?

With this : a midsummer heat, and all under a mask to suffocate.

And then it came down, my old runaway.
I could see nothing more. No more image, no more sound.
A little later, the mechanic beckoned me to join him, he gave me back my keys and he started to explain to me what was wrong but that he had repaired – I pretended to see the big pipe there under the engine, do you see madam? but what pipe? but yes of course I see, of course I see and to talk to me about technical terms, all this under an infernal sun.

Then I asked him if I really had to change my car soon and there was the first miracle: not at all, it’s an excellent little car he said. All the garages find my car absolutely in the category: excellent little car.
Repaired? I can drive it away? yes, you can.

And he said goodbye and left – leaving me my car and my keys.

I’m not going to tell you that I didn’t feel the temptation to play the fool and go away like that, in peace. I resisted. I went back to the front desk.
I waited for another lady (only girls in this garage as customers today) to stop having a heart attack and bravely asked for the bill.

Then the chief mechanic takes me out to show him the car – we get out. He goes to see the mechanics. He comes back – and he tells me it’s fine.
I was left…. completely stupid.
One big hour of work? the repair? and I leave? seriously?

It wasn’t a joke at all – I went home – late yes, feeling like I’d fallen into a pot of sticky glue yes – but with a car that runs very well and all for? nothing at all.
This is the first time something like this has happened to me.
Okay, I know them, every time I’m going to crash at their place, that’s the tradition.
I brave all the dangers, I’m not afraid, no no, because it’s their place where I take my car & I trust them- it’s true.
But they still worked for more than an hour – and a part with two mechanics.

I know, it was probably a commercial gesture – but I’m not the customer who often brings them steak – and if they don’t take it, then?
it was a gesture – which I really appreciated – of people who don’t make fun of the world, and how good that is!

So to celebrate that , with you, a little Led Zep?

Me ? I am a fan ? Not at all.

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  1. You always bring such a big smile on my face mon belle nièce 😊😅

    I thought about my famous plan to marry a garage owner – I thought about it very seriously. It’s not moral, but when is my bank account moral…. 😅😇

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