Les Désallumés


At home, it is finally, finally, the return of musical evenings, where everyone dances, drinks wine – or beer – , takes life lightly, dances because the music is good and the air is sweet, finally, the return of this country called France.

And as we are all French here, we don’t like rules and regulations (is that why we are flooded with them?). So when the country decides to celebrate music on June 21, we celebrate on June 22.

All this to tell you that my little village was flooded with music tonight.
Many of the groups are amateurs, they have fun and it’s already great.
But in the middle of it, there are youngsters who have a little something extra.

Tonight, I could discover the Désallumés.

Well, discover – I’ve known them for a while, the boys. The two, then four, now five – they are young guys who have slowly learned the business.
They were promising.
This is what they were doing, when they were still “baby musicians.”

Frankly tonight, I could see that they’ve turned the corner – they’ve become great – they’ve become a real group of musicians – and it’s a terrible pleasure to listen to them.

It’s also moments like these that manage to keep my faith in this thing that is slowly killing me called Altair.
Because you can’t have the desire to create a theater without at the same time having the desire to discover kids who are growing up.
I don’t know what they will do in the future.
But I do know that tonight they showed me a truly great musical performance.
Even if they are not known – even if they stay in our country – even if all you want to say & I agree with you – is that these five guys are worth a visit.

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  1. Wow, they are amazing, to be honest if I had not read what you have written, I would have not been able to realize that its not a famous band. These five guys most definitely are worth a visit.

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    1. These are compliments they will be very happy to hear! And the best part is that now they are really on a higher level, they have progressed so much from these videos – they have really become “big” – but they are live, I can’t share anything with you yet. Merci pour eux mon amie ❤

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