Il vento d’oro


This is the melody that escapes from the open windows in my village, Il vento d’oro played on the piano, played over and over again, because it is not so simple to play.

I don’t understand why the composers of our time are so despised by theatres.

It will take at least one great wind, at full power, to sweep away all this dust embedded in the habits – it was very great winds on any face of this world

Is it so stupid to associate Il vento d’oro with the great words of Saint John Perse?
To make the one live by the other, to make the other live again by the one – it’s naive without a doubt, but it has more class than to kill the one and despise the other.

Mmm I think it’s best if I continue to keep my mouth shut. My angers are too much on the surface, aren’t they? Fortunately, I have JoJo’s Op.

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