Small news

It was far too hot today for me to get out more than a little news.

So: I have about 20 pages left – in English, but yes – to perfect
to get a nice version of my little book.
Then I’ll have the only real English person I know read it.
In the meantime, I’ve been reading up on the strange world of books in your country – it doesn’t work like in France.
I’m now looking for a literary agent – I wonder what I wouldn’t have done at the end of my life –

I received some job offers in my mailbox that made me really want to go – but really – one in Istanbul – but … what a dream, but it wouldn’t be right to go there – one in Algeria, one in Argentina … – maximum effort not to give in – not for the moment.
Even if my sons are old enough to manage without me, it would still be a financial problem for the moment. It’s slowly starting to bother me, the financial problems – well, I had chosen – but I didn’t know that these stories never stop, it’s to die of annoyance.

If the temperature drops tomorrow, I’ll surely tell you about my poet of the moment.

But right now, pffff – a heat that glues everything together, we all feel like we’ve been turned into little tubes of glue, it’s a clammy, humid, very unpleasant heat.
So apart from thinking about washing – and then again – there’s not much in the way of brains this Monday

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