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The AA App

No, no, it’s not for me – it’s the title.

Not wanting to leave too many drafted worksites behind, I’m resuming tonight my practical experience principle on the application project dedicated to shows.

I’m staying in October, with the programming of my local theatre.
This time, it’s a “world” music show with a very jazz-like sound, especially South American.
I had proposed a kind of game of tracks, where it would be a question of recovering the artists.

They are there, lost in the city, crying for help and nobody hears them.
Is it really serious?
And you’re just walking by and saying it’s not your job?
When you are in the game?
It’s not serious at all.
You will be the one to go and get them – rescue them – bring them back to the stage.

I must say here that this proposal came directly from the heads of the musicians of the Tambours du Bronx – who were in advance delighted to find themselves as NPCs lost in an unknown city.

If I have to invent this as a mini-game, what do I do?
Resume the principle of the puzzle game – you have to find all the pieces of the city to hope to find my musicians.
This is a much more classic mobile game format.

If Altair ever had so much money that it didn’t know what to do with it, of course, offering this as an online game would be quite entertaining – but then you’d have to find another mechanism. We’re not going to get 30,000 people to find 3 guys, that’s too much for a guy – even if he is genius.

Assuming a large down payment, but not too much, ma’am, there is this puzzle principle.
It’s very classic.
In itself this is not a flaw – and in fact it can help to not invest too much in this – fundamental – part of Altair.
Can I do more and better without adding too much to the bill?

I say yes, by working on the NPCs encountered.

And what, what ? by the name of a galactic and sidereal space dog ! that’s it- It’s been a long time!
While I’m writing, the obvious is popping into my head.

I’m pestering the whole world with my NPC’s, I’m wiping my brains, literally, to invent under yours – of brain – circumspect moreover – a theatre that doesn’t look like anything because it plays with the spectators, because it’s going to invite itself in video games, because it proposes virtual experiences impossible to live in real life – and I’m forgetting the NPC’s for Altair?

This application will be finished when we will have created its own universe – the universe of Altair: in the scenery, in the music and in the NPCs.

I have pieces of this universe. I don’t have the whole universe yet. So – so ?
So I need NPCs that are unstoppable – NPCs that the viewer is happy to find – NPCs that are so rare that you wonder if they exist – NPCs that are so characterized that you don’t forget them.

These NPCs will be the ones that my 3 musicians of the day and the different artists that will arrive in the application will meet.

Those who will go to your theatre shelter.
The ones who will make it live – the ones who will break it – the ones who will troll it – in short, the ones who will put some life into this box – some unexpectedness.

They don’t need to be very beautiful, very realistic, very I don’t know what else visual – the app is in: mobile game mode.
It helps if they are very well written and interact as much as possible with the proposed events – and with the viewer-player.

I have three musicians: that’s three quests and a finale to get everyone back on stage on time.
Each musician will be lost according to his instrument – his particularity – his personality and the NPCs of Altair’s world.
a pianist – a violinist – a percussionist – West Africa – Cuba – Venezuela.
Three instruments – three worlds – three atmospheres.

by Sue Downing – ‎ Little Hare Books

It’s not easy to make a piano disappear – but if it has no strings, it doesn’t work as well – so our pianist goes in search of the stolen strings. What will be his reaction when he discovers that his strings have been transformed into skipping ropes by some kids? To leave here, to run there, to knock on one door, to another, to charm everyone with a little concert? yes, it’s all very nice, but the man is lost in the city – and has left so many clues behind him Clues that must be found to complete the quest and find him. Easy – but I need to find NPCs that will make this quest more legendary.
As for the musical atmosphere of the quest, of course I’ll look for music from one of the 3 worlds – swapping the worlds is easy, there are three of them.

The violinist is really pretty – so she won’t have a love story. The love story will be for the percussionist – nobody likes percussionists – just kidding. She’s a nice girl, not a scaredy-cat. Here she goes to help we’ll see who later, and bam she uses the famous scream that kills with her violin: she will get the quest: fight. In the same way, but here you have to fight too – you have to help her to finish what she started.

As for the lover – try to convince him that performing on a stage is more fun than standing around being in love? Good luck.

It doesn’t look bad.
I say that, but I’ve found myself a nice puzzle for my near horizon all by myself.
Imagine terrible NPCs to make Altair live.

At the same time – I’m not going to get into it: this is the domain of experienced writers – I’m just going to suggest some ideas – they’ll do the work, if there’s work to be done.

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Featured Image : Lost Town – mobile game – by Papabox

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