How would you like to call him? Count Alexander of Cagliostro? Joseph Balsamo? Count Pellegrini? Herat? Knight of the Holy Cross? Could he be the famous Count of Saint Germain, the one who was – is – immortal?
He is a mature man – he has traveled everywhere: Italy, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Malta, Arabia, Persia, where has he not gone?
He has learned everything – medicine – alchemy – Kabbalah – hypnotism – metempsychosis – the most obscure secrets are for him the clearest.

Oh – no fantasy here on my part. This man existed. We know his birth date and his death date. In jail – to be sure and certain that the evil mage could never harm humanity again.

Cagliostro’s life is the life of a dark adventurer – a hero of the dark side.
Some have called him a charlatan. Others called him a sorcerer. He made astronomical amounts of money. He lived off the credulity of the powerful of his time.
He fell because of the theft of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s necklace, a mythical necklace that is said to have never been found.

Such a beautiful life that it was obviously adapted into a story – by Mr. Dumas in particular, who was well versed in epic, dark romantic stories, all rustling with incredible adventures.

Is it to be adapted into a film?
It must have been done – and then… what a waste! What a mistake it would be to remake it as a film.

Can you imagine this character, there, two steps away from you? Can you imagine a room crackling with Mesmer’s inventions? Funny uses of electricity on hair that’s a little too long?
Do you imagine that instead of being the safe audience you are, like everyone else, a member of the Count of Cagliostro’s strange circle?
It’s definitely more fun.
More impressive.

Especially if we have all the features of the AA App to play with Monsieur le Comte de Cagliostro for a night.

I don’t mind exaggerating, you know that now, don’t you? The limit of reasonableness is to die of boredom on the spot.
So all the features of the AA App to put a little more spice and fun into the evening – and into the pocket of every viewer.

Cagliostro may have been a charlatan – but he was a man who played wonderfully with the technical discoveries of his time. So it makes perfect sense, since he said he was immortal, to bring him back to life, with all the skills to play with our phone apps.
Of course, since it is a show, everything will be fake.
But it will be entertaining.
And for that matter, it’s a great opportunity to prove – if we still need to – that the well-thought-out live show is quite a gold mine to be exploited to enchant the world.

So, instead of proposing an adaptation to the cinema, I propose an adaptation to the temporal – to our time, with our technologies – and all the ancient techniques that everyone has forgotten and that will therefore work like a thunder of Zeus.

Because – even if everybody goes to school nowadays – I am sure that seeing hairs standing up will fill the whole room with consternation and terror – forget about the lectures on electricity given by an old professor of physical sciences… well.. pfff…. yes…. it is unexpected in real life, these things.

Tssss….. a show is not real life.

It interests me all the more because the character of Cagliostro is a rather complex character – at the same time charming, adorable, a sweetheart and so dangerous – at the same time honest and terribly dishonest – at the same time self-centered and dealing with politics – at the same time megalomaniac and so attentive to the few he loved.

As for the argument, it’s epic enough to keep a room on edge: will Cagliostro succeed in bringing down the powers that be?
In reality, he did not succeed.
In Dumas, he almost succeeded – the French Revolution is coming from all sides in this book.
In Altair? he won’t succeed either – it’s a show – though… what the hell? … in fact, leaving both endings open can be quite entertaining – and right in our time.

Isn’t it a beautiful and real ghost on stage?

So another show I vote for with both hands.

Because it offers a great role to a great actor
Because it mixes theater, magic, music and lighting
Because it offers a staging that can make all the hairs on all the heads stand on end
Because it will allow us to use the AA App in real time – and that alone is magic
Because it will allow us to play with multiple endings
and therefore… to have spectators in the room and others outside, who will participate via the AA App and Altair Twin.

Right – it costs too much. Yes yes I know I’m exaggerating. That’s okay – it’s almost Christmas, right?

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