AT Twin vs AA App ?

Machinery – Altair Twin/AA App

First of all, you’ll agree, I can’t have amazing ideas every day.
Don’t tell me I come up with one every 45 days, I’ll be offended! – even though, okay…. okay. At the same time, I’m down to the details of the details, aren’t I?

& as if nothing else, I’m just going along my own little path…

Then, by now, I think you know me very, very, well.
You’ve noticed that I always start going very, very fast, too fast, because I run through the obvious like others run through doors.

All this to say that I hope that, now, I am better able to make you understand what I was thinking when I talked about the AA App.

You’ll recall, I had laid out a basis for this mobile game dedicated to Altair’s show that would more or less resemble the Fallout Shelter mobile game.
This helps to anchor the app permanently in its theme: the show
And to propose a number of different rooms, each one relating to one aspect or another of the theatre.

From there, it was a matter of adapting the AA App to all the uses that will be important for Altair, both for advertising, for the relationship with the public and for the concrete implementation of one of my obsessions: involving the public.

As long as I stayed within the general ideas, you could say: yes, yes, it’s not bad.

Then, from small detail to small detail, I tried to get out of the general ideas, so that you would have to say: yes, it’s obvious – Altair will not exist without this application.

A mobile game is a very small game – no way to get into AAA type formats.

To make it fun, you need to diversify it regularly.
And that’s where all the (almost) small games that are currently being developed for mobile come in.

If I’m looking for a one-piece character/actors, I’ll choose to use the puzzle game format.
If I’m looking to defeat the ***rds who seek to destroy my artists, I’ll choose to use the fighting game format.
If I am looking to create groups with my audience, I will choose the formats of online multiplayer games.
If I have no idea – which is very possible – I will choose the format of various quizzes
If I want to play on music, I will choose the music game format.
If I want to emphasize dance, I’ll choose the 3D rhythm games

In a word, this application does not require any kind of invention or finding – it will use existing and working models to adapt them to the shows that will be proposed.

In a way, this is like creating a synthesis of a whole series of mini-games, proposed as quests, taken from the set of mini-games that already exist, depending on what Altair wants to do with them.

I know I bring up my ideas often – and you may think it’s the same thing.
I often talk about the AA App and Altair Twin.
Both are digital versions of Altair.

So far – so good.
But the two are not the same in my mind – the utilities are different – the necessities are different too.

The AA App is the way to communicate quickly with any spectator.
It is the way to make him play – to make him participate – to give him bonuses – in a word, to be in contact with him, even when he is far from the Altair theatre, even when he doesn’t like any show of the moment.
It’s also the way to earn money – because this is not a charity procession for needy artists either, even if I’m writing this a few days before Christmas.

Altair Twin would be the AAA version – because I want weird theatre in 3D.
Because I want a 3D theatre in which the audience can “live” unforgettable experiences in Virtual Reality, and with my famous different levels of Virtual Reality.
Because I want a digital place capable of hosting the creations of spectators-players-coders-videographers-artists.
Because it becomes a 3D platform able to welcome visitors – and please! not in this dreadful atmosphere of Noddy at the North Pole that we find on Horizon/Metatruc
Because I want a 3D theatre capable of visiting the big AAA games that Altair will work with. – as a reminder: the best gateway for now is Star Citizen and its ships for sale… and to customize …. to take them around the game.
Because I want a 3D theatre in the medium term capable of offering gateways to the video games that Altair will work with – I know this hurdle is hard to pass, yes I know – medium term.

This can earn more money – but requires a much larger investment.
However, if done well, Altair Twin should be able to become a kind of Steam – for that you obviously have to work with the different game companies, offering a much more fun service than what is currently offered.
Virtual Reality experiences
Game experiences for tournaments
experiences in different video games

So here is the fundamental difference between the two concepts.
One is in small format, intended to maintain a festive contact with the public
The other one is in large format, intended to propose experiences/games/interactions with the public, while exploiting to the maximum all the achievements produced by Altair.

synthesis is a very French mania – sometimes I have advantages

what : no ? 😀

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