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I am stealing this little game without remorse from the one who introduced me to it yesterday – the magnificent Professional Moron and his article of yesterday on Papetura, which I can, however, only advise you to read.

Papetura by Petums- Tomasz Ostafin

I found myself amazed – enchanted – blown away – by so much work, love and art.

You’ll tell me it’s a little game? but no! It’s a huge “short” game.
A game whose theme is already enchanting – in a world of papers, come those of flames and fire – it is up to you, the player, to allow Pape and Tura to fight these monsters that dream of ashes when they see the wonderful paper constructions.

If you take the time to watch the making off, you will see with wonder, amazement, and enthusiasm, that the entire set was done by hand, with a patience and precision that still leaves me stunned.
Not only was it done by hand, but this magnificent madman thought to illuminate it in real life.

And with this, and a music completely in the tone, he realized a video game, all alone.
A game that I can only advise you to get via Steam – no I don’t know this guy.

I’ll let Professional Moron tell you, much better than I can, about the game, the music composed for the game – its finesse and all its immense sensitivity, given thread by thread to the unfolding of the game.

For my part, as I was under the spell almost 24 hours in a row, it was another point that came to mind.

It’s been months since I’ve talked about my wonderful Festivals – Impossible – Mythical – Legendary.
Which is not to say that I have forgotten them – I have a hard head, I only forget what doesn’t interest me much.

And now this splendid game, made with such perfection, love, and professionalism by a single man, reminded me of one of the principles of these Festivals: open the doors.
To propose to all, and especially to the unknown ones, to come to benefit from the Festival to expose their “wonders”

-> is it possible to start from the paper to realize a complete game? No, say people in a hurry, it’s stupid, it’s useless!
Yes, say the artists, it’s great, it gives effects and appearances that we could not imagine.
Yes, says Altair, who strives to prove that the two worlds, the real of paper and the virtual of the game, are made to intertwine.

Papetura by Petums- Tomasz Ostafin

So, a game like this is exactly what I was thinking about when I talked about opening the Festivals to the public.

Can you imagine that?
That finally a great place of culture gets off its butt and opens its doors to people like Tomasz? Who deserves a hundred thousand times to be honored and put in the spotlight.
He – and so many others who never stop inventing, creating, proposing, trying – these are the people I’m looking for as an audience and as Altair’s partners if they wish.
These people of the next generation, the one who participates.

It would be wonderful.
To each his own dreams – this is mine.

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Featured Image : Papetura by Petums- Tomasz Ostafin

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      1. Oui! Mais! Merde!!! J’ai vu! Et ce que j’ai vu. Stupide! Stupide à pas stupide. Comme dans. Le tomates!!

        Yeah, that took me 20 minutes to type out. I think I got chunks wrong there. Oui!? Merde…

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            1. I didn’t know that oysters could drive Formula 1 cars – they were the ones that scared Prost the most, so that’s the part of the story that nobody tells us? – at the same time, nowadays, everything seems possible.

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                1. Oh yes, he had eaten too many oysters and so one day he had to drive very fast … and this is how legends are born.
                  Good hunting – or fishing – or gathering – or buying, if you really have no choice – oysters : with a lemon, sweet white wine, salted butter and rye bread – otherwise the oysters are insulted. But I know you know, even if your recipes are often very strange

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                  1. There really should have been a video game about oysters by now. Or at least a theatre production, such as Much Ado About Oysters or Waiting For Oysters. I may write that in time for spring! With a lobster on the side.

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                    1. iiijll^#grrr’^\*µxxxgrhh##::[#\\^##kkre # ????? oh well ! I didn’t know there was a tunnel on internet ! What ? What ? Alllllooooo ? ###kzzkrgIIIhtp**|[\# the communication is cut off -that’s sooooo sad


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