The Joke

The virtual reality of Metaverse

Exploit Virtual Reality

I’m sorry, but I can’t hold back this time.

This application video for the Metaverse, but what a huge joke! What an applied moron! What a bunch of brainless people with degrees!!!

Come on granny, come shop at Walmart online. Worse than on the classic online stores, because grandma, your little cart will be pushed, just like in real life.
And hop, you fill the cart yes ma’am.
Ah the bottle – don’t panic, it’s virtual, you won’t drink it, honor and morality are saved.

But are they serious? At what point is this thing interesting?

So okay, there are a few moments that are so epic when you’re all alone on empty platforms with some sound effects that would scare my cat.

So the idea is to put on a helmet, mess around catching things that don’t exist and do your shopping? Do they know that it’s faster with the current sites and that we don’t care about shopping in virtual reality?

The more it goes on, the more I find Mr. Elon Musk extremely sympathetic in addition to being cerebral. He sneered at the flashy, stupid and useless goals of this virtual reality – and he was so, so, right. Isn’t it a bit cavalier to say that? bah, no, of course it’s not.

Maybe you think I’m exaggerating again?
Check out KFC’s hilarious virtual reality game – it’s almost old, it’s from 2017 I think.
I would have fallen out of my chair from having so much fun. Thank goodness I was hooked, I now know I’ll fall over backwards with every new idea for virtual reality use.

I mock, but for foreigners whose mother tongue is not English at all, this kind of little tutorial allows to check that we can identify the spatial location words.
That’s already a good point, isn’t it? for something that cost money.

What I don’t understand is how it is that people who make so much more money than me, whose job, specialty, future and all that stuff are so lacking in brains.

I’m missing something – I must have missed a step in the process.

Because, still, it’s obvious. Virtual reality has no serious added value when it only re-makes reality. Matrix was just a movie, not a model for the future, guys.

But using it to live what is totally inaccessible in reality, whether you’re rich or poor, whether you have a heart condition or not, that’s interesting – there’s an undeniable added value.

and ? no – incredible sums of money are injected to invent this lousy thing. I can’t believe it.

It’s time for Altair to come and blow all these small-headed losers away

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Featured Image : El Risitas – Juan Joya Borja – the most famous laugh of the internet

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    1. 🙂 Oh, you have no idea how much I enjoy your comment! Thank you so much – for information on the developments in virtual reality, there was a “big event” new technologies in the last few days. All that for this, it was a bit pitiful

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