What for ?

Exploit Virtual Reality

So I’ve been telling everyone who drops by my house about my latest cogitations on virtual reality and here I was, back to talking about my VR version for kids.
Very good, very good, everyone thinks I’m a genius – which is not true at all, but it’s still fun anyway – and then comes the horrible part: what for?

What ? What for what ? What for what to do what? We were going to have a great intellectual moment.

I understand the objection, though.

For me, it was enough to propose a kind of small aerial journey in the show. And that was it and damn & zut & ce que vous voulez.

But of course, this objection bothered me.

I have summoned up all my memories of shows with children – I am beginning to have a lot of these memories, with children of all ages, I have been seeing them in the theatre for 10 years.

It’s true – yes – it’s true, young children participate fully, whenever they have the opportunity.

no, now I don’t even dare to talk about it, how many shoes will you want to throw at my head?

With this, I’m absolutely sure you already know what I’m going to write.
Too bad – I’m going to hide after –

Therefore, to propose to the children to throw themselves at the villain, to help the hero… wouldn’t that be nice?
In concrete terms, this means: either a flock of sparrows/dragonflies – fortunately virtual – on the villain’s character – and therefore programming the character to chase the sparrows – and an anti-sparrow weapon to keep the story moving …. or a flock of sparrows to hide the hero, to give him back his strength and other possibilities according to the story – for the Snow Queen, grouping together to warm Gerda was a good idea.

Do you see that ?

A whole small crowd of lights throwing themselves on the head of the bad guy? A whole little crowd of fireflies crowded around the hero? All those little lights, prrrrt, flown away because the villain has a light-blower? And the kids coming back to attack? Who see “guides” appearing in the set to show them where they can go? Who suffer the treachery of the grown-ups who imagined the thing and who prevent them from returning to the assault of the villain?

Of course, young children don’t always follow the missions – but they love to have missions.
And they really like to laugh when they give up the mission.

So what? So what, it allows artists to talk to them during the show – the heroes can and should talk to them.
Which becomes very easy once it’s programmed – go away kids! go away! I’ll show you! or thank you children, thank you – be careful, he’s very, very bad, go hide there – don’t be afraid …

We can even offer them a small reward when they help the hero. A kind of badge. That the villain could steal from them and take to his lair – and here are all our kids back in the story, to take back their trophy… okay okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little – we can’t do this for every show. Hmm… I mean… for almost every show for kids, yes, you can do that.

Do you see that? Can you imagine the joy of the kids? Normally, the artists don’t talk to them – a few of them think of doing it during the show, and every time, it turns into a frenzy in the room.

So to the question: what for?
The answer is obvious: to succeed in the mission of course.

Are you upset with me?
Otherwise the little air trip is nice anyway

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