Blue Angels

So… alors… that’s okay… I can’t be serious all the time

Yesterday, I was crushed by this – hmmm… I agree with your objections : I looked for it, that’s true.

So yes, I’m in my big period: airplanes and when airplanes are flown by Blue Angels, I’m obviously amazed, excited, curled up in my seat

Aren’t they ? I have no words, fantastic, terrific, are not “enough”

I’m not going to tell you the story of the Blue Angels, everyone probably knows it better than I do – and even then, I’m not going to do my French and talk about the French squadron.

And then I watched this – I had a big moment of amazement, I wondered how crazy the leader was – and then I understood – you will understand more easily than me.
When you work on a choreography, you have to work like they do. It’s obvious – but only when you ask yourself the question.

Inevitably, it reminded me of a story – a story that takes place in the Blue Angels squadron.

I should point out here that I cheat, I only tell things I know or like very much – in this, how can I not find at least one story that takes place among the Blue Angels?

It’s a story that enchanted me – where it’s powerful is that it happens on two levels: first, there’s the whole story of the creation of a new show – with the distribution of places according to the pilots, according to what needs to be done – and it’s totally exciting to learn at the same time as the story progresses that, the last place, for example, is particularly complicated to manage, also very ungrateful – exciting the discussions about what could be invented new, incredible.
Then, since the goal is to be the best at the international aerial acrobatic meet, and the Blue Angels are Americans and that… Americans don’t have only friends – there is the second plan of the story, so that the Blue Angels can’t win. With that, the meeting with the Russian pilot team, who are all women, the mechanical problems, the human problems – it was an absolutely great story that made me want to know who the Blue Angels were in real life.

Okay, I don’t see what all this would have to do with Altair’s stage – but … I really enjoyed realizing that the Blue Angels are also, in their own way, great, great, artists.

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    1. Ah, I never had the chance to see them in real life either – I know them from my “stories” – I’ve seen La Patrouille de France very often – but I didn’t want to bother everyone with my French stories 🙂 In any case, these pilots are amazing

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