I entered, a few days before time, a period of general reconstruction. I have to think and decide.

There was the Covid for more than two long years – now the war.
Everything gives me the sad impression that my little Altair is going to be swept into the dustbin of history.

So yes, I have to decide what to do.
The partial transformation of Altair into fictional form is well underway – I have six months of work left.
Maybe it will exist in this form only.

I have used this site as a think tank – and I have written for you – to keep the link alive.

It allowed me to go so much further in this conception that I can never thank you enough.

So this link is the most precious one that exists for me.

& now, I fear that I will wear out this precious link – to you – as well as to myself – by dint of persistence and circling.

Until I have a better understanding of what can happen – and also because of the difficulty, in real life, that I will have to work without being completely cured – I have decided on a lighter format for the site – for you as much as for me.

I will post on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

This will give me time to think about shows or more elaborate ideas. It will give you a break from me.

And so I hope to be able to continue in this way, to maintain the link, not to tire you, not to bore you and to continue telling you nice stories of shows that should exist.

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