Check Point

After the time of rest, the time of refocusing

First question: is Altair still, on this May 1, 2022, a project worth exhausting for?
Is it still a novelty?
Is it still relevant?

The answer is yes.
I still haven’t seen anything like it.

The only copy I found, in Dubai, was made with less funds and without any will to innovate. It’s modern varnish, not the exploitation of modern technology in the service of the entertainment world. For the rest, I’ve talked enough about the uninteresting virtual reality tests.

So yes, Altair is still a novelty.

Second question: is the Altair site still interesting and worth spending money to let it exist?

The answer deserves attention:

  • the site is interesting to me as a think tank –
  • it is used to prove that in all the fields where I claim that innovations are possible and desirable, they really are. From poetry to circus, all the living arts are concerned and would benefit from such innovations.
  • it is used to present the major innovations that I was able to identify while working on this project: Virtual Reality,, links with video games, use of mobile applications to truly renovate advertising and communication.

As a result, it would be a shame to let it die for the moment.

Third question: is it still useful to periodically feed this site with new examples?

The answer is clearly no.

There are now more than enough examples, quite diverse, taken from almost everywhere, in all arts, in almost all countries, in almost all times.

It takes me a lot of time, it fixes me too much on a minor aspect of Altair – for a result that is not effective at the moment.

Fourth question: how to continue the development of the Altair project?
I think I have digested the huge disappointment of the years 2020 to 2022.
I think I’ve digested the defection of group members, because of the duration of the pandemic.

So I’m going to have to take this road back to the very beginning, when I was trying to get people interested in this project.
This is only partially done through a website.
It is only useful as a showcase – and proof of the existence of the project.

Fifth question: am I able to take this road again?
I won’t seriously ask myself this question. I’m going to take that road again.

I’ve been working for several months on another Altair release – and in one way or another, I’ll get this project done.

Conclusion: this site will become again what it was at its origin – a showcase to show what Altair can be and to explain its major innovations.

I will give up feeding it with regularity.
Besides, I don’t think it really matters to you either.
So I’ll just use this site to write down what I find, when I find things that I think deserve to be kept and used in one way or another for Altair.
So it will be a very random feed.

Then I don’t give you reading appointments at specific times – I’m not able to do that anymore – or maybe, not yet able to do it again – .
I will write here randomly – but always around midnight.

Finally, I thank you so much for having participated in giving me strength and motivation during these two years that have been rough for me.
These are not just words – although I have only words to thank you.

Merci à vous.

Home Page

The image comes from the alphabet of the Templars – it was an exciting time, full of even more exciting and terribly moving stories – with codes that would be so welcome to play in modern applications, don’t you think?

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