Season 1 – Collateral Universes

That’s it – I’m very proud to announce that Season 1 of AT-47 is finally over.

AT-47 ? yes yes – Altair 47.

It is ?

oooh ! Did you forget that ? that’s okay

You may remember that I had an accident at the end of September and ever since – I have been dreaming of walking.
Another major hurdle for me in the realization of Altair.
On the other hand, by dint of spinning around, I now know that I have established all the important concepts for this new kind of entertainment industry I have called Altair.

What to do then? still stuck at home as I was ?
To imagine Altair absolutely – in the form of fiction.
This is how the idea for the novel AT-47 was born

AT – for Altair
47 – for the character HK-47 from Kotor I and II – itself derived from the AK-47.

From derivation to derivation, I was on this wonderful title AT-47.

I divided the story into five parts – five major acts – yes I am a French nerd.
I realized that these five parts were rather big and could be different volumes.
And so, instead of calling them “parts”, I took the language of the series and called my parts : SEASONS, hop! like that, casually – as I love to do.

So I’ll test the pitch on you – here it is :

Become the master of the world? Pfff. That’s completely cheesy. No. No, no, no way. There are so much wonderful and definitely amazing things to do when you are a Very High Level Sociopath – with a Very High I.Q . And – when you are two sociopaths of the same barrel, the world will not resist.
Besides – it did not resist – the world.
Are you ready?
We bet you’re not.

Obviously one of the main characters is very much inspired by HK-47 – so he is not perfectly human.
The other one is very much inspired by the person who imagined Altair.
The others are very much inspired by people I’ve met.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of you, who was almost literally catapulted into my story and became Mr. Eduardo Lorilla, a brilliant Mexican writer. I needed a brilliant Mexican writer. I love this character so much that AT turned green with jealousy.

The story tells, over 5 seasons, how the Altair theatre is built.

To make it interesting, of course, this is not specified.
And nothing is legal at all – I endowed my characters with a complete lack of moral sense that would have allowed them to understand that stealing is wrong and forcing others to work is even more wrong.

So different characters are chosen based on their ability to make Altair – others are stolen outright – and the story unfolds from the points of view of the different characters – with Altair slowly but surely being revealed as THE 21st century theatre only at the very end.

This allows me to do two things: first, to bring Altair into the readers’ imaginations.
-second, to work Altair in the most precise details, since it becomes a “place of characters” in my mind and I tried, according to different characters, to criticize it and to find its defects.

Basically, I played at being Jules Verne, who saw the pitiful submarines of his time and imagined the Nautilus – which was running entirely on electricity while the real ones were moved ‘ by hands’ by turning cranks.

Season 1 tells the story of the beginning: all the disasters generated in the lives of the characters by the launch of Operation Altair.

Well – dare I admit that ? yes. I’m particularly proud of the beginning of this book – because I’ve never read anything like it.

Because I love you so much – that you’ve been following Altair’s steps here for so long, that you help me all the time – I’m offering you this – incredible and wonderful – beginning :

We are just before the first Season :

Home screen

Location : unknown.

Time period: unknown.

Characters: characters are not allowed to enter the process.

Problem : end of life on Earth in a time frame between one billion and 500 million years.

Problem: end of life on Earth in a time fram

Problem: no problem identified.

Issue: to become the master of t

Issue: to realize the cre

Issue: destr

Issue: no issue identified

Primary function: system error.

Secondary function 1: optimize system resources

Secondary function 2: eliminate system threats

Secondary function 3: no secondary function 3

Secondary function 1.2 : system error.

Secondary function 1.3 : system error

Sub-function 2.1 : memory locked.

Secondary function 2.2 : error – error

Primary function : no primary function.

System : unknown request.

system : unknown request

What is the system? : system error.

Courteous warning : this is not a novel.

Log out.

Log In

login : ***********************

password : ****************************


Note: nonsense enthusiasts are not allowed to enter the process.



Log I

Unable to log in.


Please complete form B-52 to reset your credentials.


Form B-52 is being created.


The B-52 is a famous bomber, known as the Buff.


The B-52 is an aircraft.

It is not a form.


The B-52 form does not exist.


I know it’s complicated to understand.


Make an effort.


Server locked.


Information: The hammer is located on the workbench in the garage. Some humanoids use this primitive instrument to solve complex problems. Be a man. Be a hammer.


Connection denied.




Take care of yourself.

Entertainment is bad for your health.

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables.

A wise man said: Look at the moon

The Rakata rule the world.

Playing video games will make you go blind.

Eat your cake

Just do it

Go for a walk

…and then starts the Season 1. No, I am not ashamed.

Now you know what I’ve been doing for months – preferably at this site because I’ve been around it a bit too much.

Seasons 2 and 3 are over too.
Season 4 is a big job, half draft and half finished
Season 5 is a draft – I know the details of the story – I haven’t written it as a story yet.
Of course, the end of this home screen episode will be after season 5 – but you figured that out.

Of course – it’s written in French – I don’t think I have the skills to translate it properly into English – so it will take me longer on the English version.

Here you go – you know the Altair’s latest news

Home Page

Featured Image : HK-47 from Kotor I & II /by BioWare then Obsidian

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