It was a wonderful meeting I had last night that will allow me to – finally – take up my pilgrim’s staff and go back to make Altair live “in real life”.

Already – I have almost finished the first draft of the 4th part of Altair in novel. And I am very satisfied with it.

And above all – last night – by chance – because I was going to see a friend of mine play – but it’s amateur theatre – so last night I took a real slap of happiness of spectator.
The show was absolutely excellent – quite at the level of some professionals and higher than many – they had no technical means, that’s all.

It was funny, intelligent too, very well directed with very simple means, an excellent use of music and sound effects – extraordinary scenes – at one point I thought I was in Kusturica’s Underground to give you an idea of the general atmosphere.

So the success was there, it was a great show –

Then I met the director – first to propose him to come and work at the professional theatre of Perpignan where I am – because this guy, I don’t want to miss him.

And then we really talked – and then –

He told me about his theater projects and his latest achievements.

The first thing I fell in love with was “the show.”
He said to me: we do series on TV, we don’t do them in the theatre – why?
The answer is obvious and, in fact, quite silly.
We don’t do them because we don’t do them. That’s not the custom.
And then to come several times a year, still, you exaggerate.
That’s all and it’s silly.

He told me about his series – his bible – his pilot – which I’ll see soon –

The subject is science fiction – anticipation – and it develops its theme over several episodes – more or less autonomous – so that one is not disappointed by seeing only one episode.

Obviously – I loved it – as I had seen what he was able to make amateurs do I don’t doubt the quality of the rest of his work –
So I talked to him about the Altair concepts.

And here’s the news – with him I’ll be able to resume the principle of “trailers” on virtual reality because he’s really interested – he had his eyes popping out of his head when I talked to him about digitizing a part of the show to place it in the “free” areas of the video games – I talked of course about the big, splendid and empty theatre of Epidaurus from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – because I love this theatre and I had my contacts with Ubisoft
He almost kissed me because he thought it was so great.

That – that I had forgotten in those two horrible years – it was the look on the faces of the artists I’m telling this to – all of a sudden, Treasure Island is within cannon range

I was honest I told him that I had lost all my savings because of the covid cataclysm that fell on my tiny finances.
And he told me: don’t worry, we will look for and find other financing.

I just needed that – to have people with me again to carry this project.
The ones before were a mess – okay so much the worse, they’re gone, they’re disappointed in life and all that…
But new people are coming in and that’s it, now I’m going to go back to the: I’ve got a great idea, are you interested in participating? and all the things I’ve done before that almost worked.

With one advantage – the Altair project has – thanks to these two years – improved considerably.
Now I have all the details of the mechanics – and now it is good, the machine is restarted.

So what’s the news?

At the beginning of July, this company and I are going to work on setting up an excerpt to stage for each virtual reality level I have planned – and to propose to “enter” a video game by contacting Ubisoft again.
This way, I will have concrete experiences to propose.

Isn’t this great news ?

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