When you’re getting old

you have to put on shoes.
That’s the big lesson of my day.


I could have told you that AT 47 season II is over, What a pity is its title, The Reverse is the title of the last chapter.
That season III is probably over too – Hope, this assassin, is this not so pretty for a season 3? and that the chapter which ends it is called: It is not the water around the boat which will make it sink.

That I am finishing season IV – soberly named :X-frags, because it dies a lot in it.

Anyway, I could have told you about this parallel existence of the Altair Theatre.
Or told you about what I’m reading – which I’ll talk about soon.
Or tell you about this book I’m looking forward to: Life is Beautiful, guy– by Nazim Hikmet. It’s a gift for a friend, but I’m going to read it first, impossible to resist.

Or assure you that no, I’m not sulking – right now I’m working again, I’m walking again, I’m driving again, I’m going to the beach, I’m playing video games, I’m finishing Altair, I’m overwhelmed – but I’m not forgetting you at all – on the contrary.

And then I forgot the shoes.

So … paf, the foot – still the same one, two centimeters further east, that’s all. Blood everywhere – a pain to kill anything to get through –
I’m a nerd because I’m incapable of being anything else, me.
Some people have a body and they do what they want with it.
I too have a body, I also do what I want with it, on the other hand the result is always the same, it breaks the body, she forgot to take care of the lady, then paf, another injury.

It’s been four hours – the foot didn’t turn black like the last time, so I guess it won’t be a big wound – I’ll be even with one more small scar, lost in the others it won’t be visible at all.

Me, who hates shoes, I’ll have to resign myself to wearing them – especially when I set out to do some DIY work – the board hit the flesh, it was splendid. Board 1 – Foot 0.
I will have to write this book, the adventures of my foot

Meanwhile, hello, good evening, I’m almost there, almost –

In any case, you won’t lose me in manual adventures – no chance that I will succeed in this way.

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