Level 1 to 5

Deus Ex

This is a new evidence –
Evidence that Altair, even if it may have many design flaws, is built on the right track.

This young man, Joe Jenkins is a YouTuber who specializes in “street” music videos. Known, but not that much – well he’s not a star, he doesn’t earn millions and I imagine that all his family is waiting for the crisis to pass and for him to finally do serious things in life. I admit to suspecting his family without proof – considering the young man, he is surely very well surrounded in life. Anyway.

What does he play, this young man, who plays with his piano as others, at his age, play with their motorcycles/electric scooters?
Does he play Bach?
Beethoven perhaps?
No, that’s a bit old – he must play Mozart. Mozart is cheerful, it’s fresh, it’s young.
No ?
What does he play?
JoJo ??????

What is it? The music of a Japanese anime?

But it sucks – it has to suck – an anime!
How does he play this?
By proposing levels of difficulty? 5 levels ????
But why?
But where does this incongruous idea come from?

HALO – levels of difficulty

Ah. Besides this young pffffft plays video games.
Young people are worthless in this day and age, they don’t respect anything, it’s a real catastrophe and we, the old ones, are seriously wondering where the world is going, with dirty young people like this one, who seemed so well behaved.

The last level he doesn’t know what to call it – he hesitates a bit – not long and decides: Impossible.
Oh yes – and he also likes the Missions Impossible movies. Good for him. Let’s go on like this, let’s go, since all the immense and venerable culture is reserved for the old fogies.

While waiting for the croutons to find a soup to soak themselves in and become a little more flexible, we still see this famous and irreversible gap between the Ancients and the Moderns, 21st century style.
Altair being thought for the Moderns, because the croutons, baderns & old fogies are largely served in refined shows – all this suits me well and this young man enchants me.

What to offer a young man like him in Altair?
But come on, it’s obvious.
A Festival – a contest – a contest between him and all the others like him – a free access contest – look at what this insolent man dared to propose to the passers-by:

Only constraint – to foresee the titles which will be played, to be able to obtain the rights.
What do we win? but as usual, a skin.

Why do you think I’m bothering to add the AA App? To give prizes to those who participate, without having the devastated face of the accountant who rambles: a prize, but that costs money, ma’am

All this to say again: yes Altair is designed with the same codes as those of this young man and too bad for the croutons
and yes, in the context of the rigged Deus Ex Festivals, a Game Festival with them would be a Festival full of people

Home Page

Featured Image : from League of Legends – LoL – the 5 levels of difficulty

Music from / JoJo Bizarre Adventure – Giorno’s theme

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