Jazz & Juan


Summertime & this summer is hot, isn’t it ?

So it’s the perfect time for the summer tour of the world’s most beautiful festivals – yes, the world – I mean, obviously : the Jazz Festivals of the French Riviera, from Nice to Juan les Pins via Antibes

Tonight stop in Juan les Pins – the Festival is just finished and here are some of the music that was performed there

But you can’t listen to this music without putting the atmosphere around.
It’s hot, but yes, it’s the French Riviera. And when it’s hot here, it smells like resin from the umbrella pines and that smell is wonderful.
Because it’s hot, the cicadas take care of the musical atmosphere and add their notes to the notes of the artists – and that’s so wonderful too.
As Juan les Pins overlooks the sea, the sea breeze refreshes you in the evening – just a little – and the smell of the resin is added to the smell of the sea salt.
As Juan les Pins attracts all the girls who want to be the most beautiful in the world, you will also have the so particular smells of the sun oils & after sun lalala, and then you will be with exotic scents full of nostrils, when you pose under the big umbrella pines, with an ice cream, to listen to the marvellous music of those who always like the Jazz

Are you there?
So here are a few pieces coming straight from Juan les Pins :

Monsieur George Benson :

Monsieur Gilberto Gil & friends :

Now, oh well… you will know

a little bit more ?

Aren’t they all wonderful ?

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