That’s a lot of silence, isn’t it?
I’m … lost in/by my real life right now

So – I still have to thank you
because while I’m not here, while I don’t have anything to dream about, imagine, have fun with, get annoyed with and .. more important, more crucial, impossible to go around in circles about my Altair madness
then you, you are there – and you continue to “make me” live it

Thank you for that
Thank you to a degree that perhaps you don’t imagine
no – you, you do – you, you imagine it

Thanks to you

Merci à vous

these words are not much, are they? they look empty – but I promise you they are not

7 Thoughts

    1. oh Crystal ! I’m so glad to “see” you here & now, you are so precious to me ! From many weeks now, I am lost in “mom”s fears” – and I know that you, you know what that means – & I know that we will find a way, my son and I, to ? breathe and live happily again


        1. ❤ you really are a love, Crystal ! Merci beaucoup, beaucoup ! I think of you very often – your : what happens to my little boy ? – do you remember ? – it's not the same story, but your courage helps me a lot – a very lot lot, says the French ! je vous embrasse !


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