The AA App – business model


yes, yes, keep your shoes on your feet, there’s no need to throw them at my head: I didn’t go to business school, and I’ll never set foot in one – my father was a professor of economics at the university, my grandfather a banker, my godfather a banker, my uncle a banker – I’ve seen them, the great economists – and I’ve had all the courses I needed, from Adam Smith to Marx to Keynes, not forgetting the weight of demographic forces and all the rest of it –
in short
so I, the ignorant, the vandal, the less than nothing, the not rich, pretend to propose an economic model for my brilliant idea for a “21st century “ advertising:- the AA App.

So you can stop reading from here, especially if you only trust square brains from business school.

If you’re still here, then great.

So the press tells all about Meta’s – Twitter’s – Amazon’s – setbacks and dares to say that it’s all because the tech giants are having problems with their major financial model: adverts.
Clearly, they are dependent on them.
More ads, more money.
Less ads, no money at all.

Sad, isn’t it? All those people who are going to be fired.

I admit, again, I’m very amused.
As a nobody, as an average consumer, I absolutely hate the ads that hang around on websites, and like many, I love Adblock.
And I abandon sites that require me to remove Adblock without a second thought.

As a consumer, these ads have a negative effect on me and often lead me to look for another brand I haven’t heard of, thinking, very stupidly, that this company spends more on quality and less on communication.

In short – the model I was thinking of for the AA App is absolutely not, in any way, shape or form, based on advertising. Out with the ugly little ads, out of my sight!

As usual, I got my inspiration from the business models thought by video game developers – which are much more intelligent and relevant models.

Two points:

from my perspective, the AA App is and should be Altair’s only “advertising expense”.

secondly, because a penny is a penny, if this “expense” item can bring in money, then obviously it should be done.

How do we do it?

Twitter, Facebook, have grown because for the user, it is “free”.
Not bad.
But: ads.
Fortnite got bigger, because for the user, it’s “free”.
Not bad.
And: no ads.
So Fortnite/ Epic Games makes money by selling “bonuses”: game skins – that are aesthetic bonuses if you are not familiar with the process.
Bethesda still makes money on Skyrim by selling the same thing.
And you can go around all the big online video games: that’s the main model.
Having as many users as possible who pay nothing and some who will fall for paid bonuses.
Put them together in the online modes and wait for the bonuses to make those who haven’t yet fallen for them… dream.

that ? or that ?

Since the basis of the AA App will be to build your theatre – in your way – with your character – with your taste – it will be very very easy to offer a free mode, with a classic theatre, basic characters, and bonuses that will allow to have an original place.

bonuses that it will be wise to offer in two forms – this I took from the current Halo Infinite system – either you can buy it and it’s good, or you can earn it by doing challenges over several weeks: which has the huge advantage of keeping people on the app, especially during the somewhat dead times that always happen in life, even in corporate life.

As a result, the AA App, by adapting its mini-games to the program, promotes the upcoming shows and animations in Altair
and in addition, it will be able to have a profitable economic model and will not be a useless and counterproductive sinkhole, as most of the advertising operations have become, which smell of 20th century technology – but it’s great, I hear.

d’accord, okay, now, if you really want to send me your shoes, go ahead, I’ll find a herd of goats that will be happy to taste them, no worries.

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