You know – you know, don’t you ? – that my fabulous AT-47 is directly inspired by the so much more fabulous HK-47, created in KOTOR.

So how can I publish my book without somehow reporting it to EA Games?

So I took my folly in both hands, and asked EA Games for permission to use HK-47 – in one image if possible.

I didn’t have many illusions about the image – in fact, it would surely have misled the book – since it’s not a sequel or an extended universe element of KOTOR at all.

And what did I get, after explaining what my novel was?

Their full confidence in my reworking of KOTOR via a gamer, and their express permission to refer to HK-47 all I wanted.

The image was not – but that was expected.

And now I am very proud of myself and very, very grateful to EA Games – for allowing me to have my novel graciously allowed to play with one of their games.

So tonight I am delighted!

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