The Team

Barbara : designs the project. She is obstinate.

Jackie : will lead the performance art show programming. Highly recognized as professional of live performance. Jackie is ‘une grande dame’.

Jean: specialist of independent games, programming, and contributions of motion capture, 3D, VR. He is the youngest – and the most creative.

Leo : the best to find talents hidden under the flow of the too famous artists. He has the flair. Young, curious, good sense of humour and handsome: what’s better?

Serge : to lead the technical staff. It’s his job for 25 years. He does not smile often. When he does, it is that your work is really excellent.

Ishara: is developing contacts for Asia. The beauty, the charm, the smile. And an excellent business sense.

Marie-Claude : is afraid of having a little too hot …. the best in organization and management of the public.

Pierre : current and classical music specialist. He will make you love old things made with ropes, just by playing with. In a word, he would make a turtle fan of Opera.

Adam: is our Englishman who loves France! He is the man who translates the most difficult: everything seems clear then.
When Adam does not have the time, our expression is surely less fluid.

Ratatouille (Disney)

At the end of the work, the realization is awesome

Okay, at the beginning of the work, we do not see the end!

If Altair interests you, join us!

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