Extravaganza – Event

Visual arts

This animal is a “sea dragon leaf” also called (in France) a hippocampus leaf.
He is so adorned to make his predators believe that he is an alga.

Why start with a seahorse? Because it is enough to stroll in nature to find at the same time amazing marvels, extravagant and rational.

This is the goal of Extravaganza, Event of visual arts.
We want to open the doors to all those who are going out of the classic visions.

How to create a decor?
How to give an atmosphere?
What colours and shapes will they evoke what feelings?

A Plague Tale Innocence – Asobo Studio 2019

How to play with “clichés”? Is the same thing expected of a lean, moustachioed actor as an overweight bald actor? Can we reverse expectations?

This festival will give the stage to the visual creators and will meet all the professionals – and amazing amateurs – who take care of what we see and we notice a little.

This will allow, in passing, to salute as artists true artists who practice in video games.

Turner ? No. … Artists who work for Ubisoft.

The scenographers.
The costumers.
Makeup artists
Digital designers
Creators of holograms
The light creators

Elsa Amsallem scénographe metteure en scène : Expositions

The decorators
Art directors
Graphic designers
The sculptors
The painters
The designers

They will have the mission to transform you

To play with your apriori.
Give you glue, scissors, pictures and let’s go : make posters,
make up,
digital images

Each edition of this event will have a major theme and we will ask all participating artists and professionals to present their most beautiful works on the theme.

First edition: camouflage.
You have…. 4 hours.

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