The news : September 05

The dear boss of our team, who is a woman, will participate on October 1 at the meeting “F For Femme“, in Station F – which brings together women who set up businesses. Those who will be in Paris that day, you will see us!

The news : July 30

Leo joins us! Very good news for all the incredible and unknown artists: he is the best to find talents hidden under the flow of the too famous artists. He has “the flair”.

The news : July 18

Now it’s official: we will work in September with Ubisoft to refine the concept and be able to offer the most beautiful shows in the most beautiful games!

The news : June 21

A whole file, a whole job, a whole preparation and so: one hour of phone call and that’s it: HEC supports us!

The news : May 11

SolidAnim is ok to work with us !   Cheers !

Other news : May 14

Rage 2 ….. Press review, 8/10: With its big open-world and wide range of unlockable upgrades, RAGE 2 looks a lot like an antidote for Far Cry fans who overdosed this particular style and want a new version of the idea of the large-scale shooter-RPG. Although Avalanche has not quite understood what makes a world feel alive and dynamic or how to make good use of its vehicles.

PCGamesN, 7/10: “The rhythm of the id and Avalanche FPS is castrated by an annoying open world”

Gamesradar, 3/5: “RAGE 2 has a fun basic gameplay loop, but everything around it falls flat”

Mmmm …. we get bored in the big empty open world? Even those from Bethesda?

Maybe we should think about putting amazing things in these games now that we can do it! – Okay – this is the ‘Altair advertising’ of the evening.

Other news : May 18

Found in Groovy today 2019- 05-10 : all analyzes agree on the gist and problem of the video game: its excessive costmanufacturing cost

10 amazing facts about the gaming industry (2019)
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How much does Esports do?
Who is the world’s most popular sports team?
What is the average age of players?
What is the average player?
Which country has the most players?
What age should a child play video games?

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