About Altair

Altair 5 G is a theatre we dreamed of, for a young, exciting city, and absolutely in the 21st century: Dubai.

It’s a real theatre. And it will also be a virtual theatre.
Altair will have real rooms.
And virtual rooms.
All modern technologies allow it now.
5G is the link that will allow to use the concept at full speed .

Altair is not a ‘technology’.
Altair is an optimal use of all the technological tools we are given.

Regarding our team, we are a team of professionals eager to enter the 21 st century.

We created Altair Development to develop the project.

We have a team to put together the programming, lead the theatre, lead the technical team, and connect with online video games currently under development.

We are all French and we all work in the entertainment sector in Europe.

So we are competent. We are poor. And with a little wobbly English.

Let us apologize !

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