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Here you will find a summary of all articles published between May 2019 and December 2019. Since then, the articles are classified via the Menu – we have changed the site.

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Altair Twin : Virtuality

  • Video Games ? Our “too much” ones : Incomplete list of games that made us fall in love. Just to give you an idea of what we like.
  • The Saloons of “Red Dead Redemption” : These saloons are perfect. Ultra-realistic, like the opuses in this game. All that’s missing are… cabaret, street, dance artists
  • Virtual Viewer : We can do everything – go virtually anywhere. The question is : where?
  • Altair Twin & Epitech : Great news: Epitech is interested to create with us the ‘beta’ of Altair Twin !
  • Facebook on the Horizon : Why is it almost a good idea? But only almost?
  • Return of the Obra Dinn : A great game, made by a great multi-talented artist: does it have a place in a theatre? At 20 °, no. At 21 ° yes!
  • Ugly Video Games : Pitiful, violent, stupid, video games? Actually not at all. On the contrary
  • Caribbean Dreams : We want to see Jorge & Kitty dancing Capoeira on the white sand of one of your magnificent Pirate Games !
  • Technology : what for ? : Science for science is good when you’re a scientist. When we are not, we use science. At Altair, we have bright ideas for using 5G and IA at max.
  • Run & Roll : How to play with The Rules of Fast FPS in a theatre?
  • Cyberpunk 2077 ~ the legend of the two boxers : What is the relationship between Cyberpunk 2077, two boxers and Altair? The atmosphere. Street artists. Punk and motion capture.
  • Should we stay or should we go? : Let’s take 10 years in advance and assume that there is a virtual theatre that can be in a game. How to organize your virtual life? Before talking about finances, you have to be sure that the theatre will be successful. How to do ?
  • Dreaming around Star Citizen : What could a virtual theatre do in this immense project of online virtual world that is Star Citizen (! Jules Verne mode activated)
  • Playing with geeks : or how to value the culture of the net, carried by the geeks. This is a base of the Altair project, because the Geeks are us, our children, our future and they deserve a real place in the world of culture
  • What is : motion capture ? : how does it work, what can be achieved with and especially: is our project feasible with new technologies?
  • Real & Virtual Worlds : how to achieve the fusion between the world of the living art performance and that of the video game? What are the benefits for each other?
Death Note, Tsugumi Ōba & Takeshi Obata
adaptation by Tetsurō Araki for Madhouse Studio 2007


  • What show, for what game ? : The secret of success will be to find the right shows for the right games….. and even the right excerpts… otherwise, it will be artificial – and failed.
  • YouTubers : Not using YouTubers when talking to young people is professional misconduct, all right. And use them how?
  • The Time to Love : It’s about retaining viewers, giving them time to like companies and different genres of shows.
  • “I used to be an adventurer…” : the adventure, a huge common point to exploit between the world of the games and the world of the living spectacle.
  • 9 days of programing : To speak is good. Showing an example is better
  • †What is : Altair Twin ? : a pretty simple answer for a really complex question
  • All. All the time : an idea of programming.
  • Technical trades : the technical professions: discover them to create a unique link between Altair and its audience
  • Damned Dreamers of Altair : who are we, why, what is Altair ? Many answers in a small post
  • The Forgotten Creators Part I : Fantastic Composers : no arts, great games, great shows, without great creators. In the motor elements of Altair, we want to highlight all these creators still ignored.
  • A Real Theatre : Can not we be content to make better use of motion capture rooms to create virtual shows? The answer is … in the article. And the answer is: No.
  • Few… problems : Games have rules, unwritten, but accepted. Placing live performance shows in games breaks a rule. Some other points too, reviewed, not to neglect.
  • A Story of doors : The metaphor of the doors to never forget to let all the talents come, with only one condition: their talent. Not their friends, their relations, their parents. No. Their talent.
  • Concept : two major poles / five links: this presents the Altair engine
  • The Team : us ...
  • Co-working : work together to create synergy
  • The main points : the subject is the title
  • Highlights : the strengths of the project
  • The next level of Entertainment : the summary of the project concept

Altair : Reality

  • Arabian Nights : What happened to the tales told by Scheherazade?
  • Let’s play : showcase the musical creation in the video games, show the specialized orchestras “video games”, the concerts, link with the different musical styles
  • The Fools from the Cold : we don’t know if The Slava’s Snow Show is a real circus. But we know it is an incredible show.
  • The Nutcracker : In the series: “Christmas show”, here is a great classic of dance that we can’t forget
  • Don Juan : a piece or a part of us? A very modern part of us?
  • Age of the Public : 10 months. Will you believe me ?
  • Madama Butterfly : What can be added to this title? That this Opera will be the source of a thousand other works, in a thousand other genres.
  • Percussions de Strasbourg : A company that loves music, dance and instruments: a dream!
  • Falconry : birds, horses, are also artists who produce incredible effects when they are on stage.
  • Jazz Time : for the pleasure, for our souls, for their brilliance & eternal modernity
  • Rammstein and us : when the music is so loud that it is a natural show, a story. Rammstein, a group to enter the 21 ° and Altair Twin
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth : When a dance company takes care of Jules Verne … we are amazed!
  • Aranjuez : a city, a royal garden, a great composer, extraordinary musicians: that’s all Aranjuez.
  • El amor brujo : incredible music signed Manuel de Falla, music of passion and love to death, from which come so many shows!
  • Sounds from the Sahara : an idea of beauty, majesty, grandeur.
  • Tango : Tango is not just a dance: it’s all Buenos Aires become an art of living, in all the difficulty of life. Ready for the virtual trip?
  • Puppets & Co : † Do not underestimate these shows !
  • Capoeira : More than dance, capoeira is a martial dance: everything we could see and do extraordinary by welcoming, for a long time, Capoeira
  • BoOm, a so cute show : Favorite of the day ! A wonderful show for babies. Its name is BoOm …. and it’s too cute and awesome. A show “Entre eux deux rives” company.
  • †Oriental Soul : The oriental soul, I can not define it. By cons, I can love the artists! And prove that the East is largely in modernity.
  • Henry VI – 18 hours of Rock n’ roll : Do you want to know what a real theatrical staging unleashes the crowds of young people?
  • Unexpected : can classical dance still surprise & excite us ?
  • Phare Circus : featured company, a favourite and an example of what can be the contemporary circus
  • About circus : what’s new ?
  • Enthusiastic Companies : these first big show companies that joined the project.

Boring Events

Cre Activity

Jules Verne” Mode Activated

  • Are you vintage ? : okay that’s too much. If Altair was a classical theatre, it would be ‘too much’…
  • Opera. Misson Failed : If we do nothing, this title will be a prophecy. Then let’s do something!
  • The Bells of Freedom : is it a single verse of poetry ?
  • Machines of the Island : a complete crush of love on an extraordinary company: La Machine, in Nantes.
  • Workshop : sound effects. a workshop to learn the basics of this art of sound… And the opportunity to enter the theatre through the artists’ entrance.
  • St Barbara’s Day : the perfect opportunity, at least for the French, to celebrate the fireworks, and we won’t hesitate to share.
  • Super … Hot : This is not a game like any other. It is a game that plays directly with you the player. One of the games that made us want to create Altair.
  • Dance Me To the End of Love : build a program, this is done by themes. Here’s one, wonderful.
  • AA’s Bizarre Adventure : The common point ? madness, burlesque, love of the unbelievable. And the secret of the family … when we have problems
  • Looking for Joy : When art makes you laugh and makes you want to live, what’s more beautiful?
  • De Rerum Natura : how to build a year-round program around a powerful theme
  • La musique de Crypt of the Necrodancer : An excellent article by Mickael Blum – musicologist on this music.
  • THE : Versatile Award : our great pride of this end of summer – and a new way of communication: a post of pure happiness
  • Nominated for the Liebster : A pride, yes. And another way to communicate. Breaking the barriers with the public, possible?
  • Beloved Manga : We are fan. How to bring these magnificent manga into Altair’s programming? That’s the daily problem.
  • Lovers, we need you : Lovers of everything, shows, arts, artists: tell us who you love, extend our knowledge
  • Matriochka’s game : This article is about all those stories that your players create from your stories: a great lesson in generous and exciting creativity that they give us all.
  • Old Modernity Vs Young Creativity : Revisit the idea of ​​modernity, to arrive at the one that pulsates with youth (the true one, that of true youth), which we call our wishes and which is called: creativity
  • Impossible Festival : how to stage an amazing Impossible Festival, which mixes real and virtual?
  • Let’s imagine the launch of the First Season : Think about everything, put everything on the stage and enthuse the audience.
  • Cre Activity : Set the principles: encourage creativity, in all possible forms
Machines – Nantes.


  • Steam, Epic, Stadia : 3 platforms in competition. What about Altair Twin? Altair cheats and plays backwards.
  • The AI/VR meeting : to be aware of the latest developments is just fundamental!
  • Where is my money ? : is it so difficult to make money with a theatre ?
  • The Choice : to help our customers is The basis of our job. Isn’t it ?
  • Station F & F for Femme : report of a great day & amazing meetings
  • Turkish Ice Cream : Perfection is in the details
  • Insiders : Different ways to seduce our audience
  • Open Rehearsals : See a rehearsal: an dream easy to realize, and so effective in terms of com’ and advertising
  • Prohibition’s Power : Use the ban to accentuate the desire to come : possible/impossible ?
  • Com & Advertising : All techniques are old and worn. New means will have to be found. Overview of the question and our ideas. Wonderful ideas. Obviously.
  • Market Research 2 : the secure form : an online questionnaire to better understand what we are proposing, and tell us what you would like.
  • Video Game Business : identify the business of the video game industry, take stock of its progress and its potential.
  • Money Money Money : Altair’s challenge: to be a financial windfall when you think it will be a financial pitfall.

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