Levers of Realization

The cap is the final achievement of Altair.

This is not a usual theatre.
This is not a classic production company.

It is a new place that maximizes all the possibilities of entertainment.

First lever: the live performance.

It is expensive if: we do not fill the rooms, if the artists come from far away, if their contracts are too expensive and badly thought, if we only earn money with the benefit of the tickets.

This brings in money if: we awaken the curiosity of the spectators, if the artists stay long enough, if their contracts are well thought out, if we produce their shows.

Second lever: the virtual show.

It costs a lot if: we do the same thing as the current virtual production companies, if we create a virtual theatre where nobody goes, if we use the internet like those of the “old world”, who are not born with it.

It pays for money if: we produce files that no one else has, if we set prices that interest video game companies, animation and movies ones, if we create a virtual theatre related to major games online, if we use the internet to the fullest of its possibilities, if we add the real exploitation of advances in artificial intelligence to create real links with reality.

Find here almost everything that will allow Altair to work:
its mechanics
its events
its two poles: the real, the virtual
its fantasy
its business
its news

We want to make Altair the first high-tech production company of the 21st century – a very high-end company.

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