Video Games ? Our “too much” ones

The list cannot be complete.

First of all, because there are too many of them.
Second, because we are 9 people.
Finally because it keeps changing and evolving.

This is only there to allow you to better visualize our virtual universe….

The favourite, loved, game is Kotor. Kotor I, which initiates an intelligent dialogue with the player. Kotor II, which forces us to think!

Just after that, by an absolute majority, the Battlefront ones. And Halo ones…

The game that totally impressed us, and which is under construction, is Star Citizen.

The game that enchanted the whole team, by its atmosphere, its immensity, its music and its scenery, is Skyrim.

The game that plunged us into the big online battles and made us angry because it is almost perfect is Sea of Thieves.

The game that took us to America, to the good old days, and that is infuriating by forcing us to think about our reputation… is Red Dead Redemption – I and II.

The game we’re waiting for next with an impatience that doesn’t stop is Beyond Good & Evil.

The terrible game of realism, which makes us believe that we can live a little in the lowlands is Cyberpunk 2077

The game that takes us to England and makes us “almost’ believe that we can do anything is Watch Dogs Legion

The game in which we found the first virtual theatre is Assassin’s Creed – Opus: Odyssey

The game of elk, among others, named Altair, is Assassin’s Creed Origin

The game that made us laugh – and enraged – was Borderlands, with the great CL4P-TP.
The game (well, the… one of the) that scared us was Fallout.

The game that amazed us – and only the best ones finished – was Cup Head


The game we loved was The Cave

The other game we loved was Return of the Obra Dinn

The game we’re about to play is Plague Tale Innocence

The game that is currently taking us a long time is Battle for the Neighbourhood.

The older games that made us fall into the world of video games, are in disorder the Rayman, Crash Bandicoot – the whole series obviously, the Mario, JakII and III, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank , Medievil (being Dan Fortesque and making the wildest boxing fight in the whole galaxy), the games from Star Wars, those of the Lord of the Rings, Empire, Civilization etc…..

The Cave…

Obviously, 2D games, those for mobiles, are not in the list… because we don’t see how to work with them yet.

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