“I don’t spread rumors…”

… I create them”. Lucien Lachance

in Oblivion – a Bethesda Game


Yeah, that’s another wink.
Another old “crush” coming up.

It came back to me, because in my current theatre, we are working on development through Instagram.
And I don’t think it’s a very good idea to follow in the footsteps of others.
Especially if you want to look “young”.

Instagram is a social network with a tool configuration.

Each network has its own flagship tool.

With this, we’re not that advanced in terms of comms.

An institution, a theatre, for example, will have difficulty letting go of its communication.

It prefers to pay people for that. But it’s more complicated to consider leaving the field completely open to the public.

In fact, a theatre stands on the square, like a Vamp from the 30s.

They’re very beautiful.
A theatre is a place – that’s good too. But it’s… less beautiful

He says : “Look at me.
Follow me.
Love me. Like me, if u’re unable to love.
Me ? I’m not moving.”

And he’s very surprised that nobody likes him.

Fortunately, the theatre is not a person. It’s a literary “he”.
But behind that ‘he’ there are people, who are very surprised that nobody follows the wonderful, cute & amazing “theatre-page”.
Who think that young people are ungrateful little ignoramuses – and unwashed.
Poorly educated.

Norman Rockwell – Rumors – in the Saturday Evening Post – 1948

Joking aside, one of the problems is in the positioning of the theatre.
Standing around, doing nothing, it’s useless.
Not accepting the words, not even very fine words, of others is also a bit rubbish.
Wanting to control our communication to the point of suppressing all the words, it’s appalling.

So you shouldn’t control the speech beforehand.
You have to moderate afterwards – yes.
Above all, you have to move.
Yes, a theatre can love you and follow you.
Even if you’re not the “pro” of the century.

That’s the first point.

The second is the content.
Don’t spread rumors – create the rumor.

Oblivion – a Bethesda Game ….I know, I know, he is evil…:(

It’s a bit difficult to create rumors – you have to identify relays.
It’s a bit risky: it’s not a question of launching just anything and becoming a little ‘people’ magazine.

But there is enough facts in a theatre to create rumors.
For example: do you know what is THE best kept secret of the big theatres?
The one you’re told all day long to keep secret.
The one that makes you paranoid.

Do you think these are the addresses of the stars’ hotels?
No. Not at all.
That these are their contacts, their phones?
Even less.

You don’t know ?

Be careful, you will be very surprised.

So, the answer is : the SECRET is the next season’s programming.

Four to six months of intensive paranoia on the subject.

And the funny thing is: no one’s interested.
People are quietly waiting for you to present the program.

If I want to make it a real secret,
And if I want to pique people’s curiosity…
So I’m working on some rumors. I create them.
I make it fun to do it in a funny way.
So that people are shocked.
Or outraged.
Or baited – that’s harder – but it can be done.

And so that my rumor doesn’t show up too much, I pass it along in a stream of other elements:
6 minutes live with what’s-his-name.
4 photos on our site
a visit to VR Sheogorath-level if you find the answer the first one and so on.

And I take 6 months to create a real waiting effect on my programming.
For that, I’m willing to pay for communicators.
To put out boring posts as much as possible, I refuse.

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Featured Image : H Daumier – Crispin & Scapin

Featured Sentence : L Lachance, Oblivion‘s character – VideoGame – Bethesda

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